Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just a Quick Somethin' to Brighten your Day!

I am Thrilled to begin sharing some of my DREAM POP Artwork with you over the next several weeks! I do hope some of my projects can add a little sparkle to your day! :)

I've paired the Tangerine and Mint colored emboss-resist cardstock sheets, yes...that's what I said - Emboss Resist! More about those little treasurers tomorrow! Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.....I've paired the emboss-resist cardstock sheets as well as the Mint/Grey  Background & texture (B&T) paper with the Barn wood B&T pattern from the Dakota My Reflections Kit for a bit of a "rustic" feel... Okay, so it isn't Rustic but I do think it's DARN CUTE. :) Toss in some Burlap threads, wooden buttons and a few Square studs durables and....Done.!

If you didn't already know, one of my very favorite ways to market Close to My Heart products are through my Pre-cut/Pre-stamped Layout kits! I stumbled onto this about a year ago and it has continued to be very successful.  I am very much a "home body" husband often Jokes that if It were not for my 40 hour per week job and my Facebook habit that our friends wouldn't even believe I existed.  I love working in my studio listening to some Southern Gospel tunes and enjoying a glass of Iced tea.  Honestly I'm quite content being a hermit and enjoy nothing  more than hearing a customer tell me how much they enjoy my kits!  This kit will be coming soon for purchase. In the mean time feel free to take a peek at my current inventory,  I have a number of layout kits for purchase presently, all can be found on my Facebook pages or my Ebay Site.

Thank you for hanging with me for day #2 dear friends, It's gonna be a wild ride, I appreciate you joining me! :) 

Blessings, Sus


  1. I get accused of being a hermit too! Not as much as I used to tho. I love your kits. I think you are very talented!

  2. Thank you Tonya, That just makes my day, I appreciate your kindness! :)