Friday, May 17, 2013

Anything but Clutter!

I Hate clutter! Don't you? I especially can't stand clutter in my studio...before you know it it's taken over the place and it's impossible to find anything or get any project accomplished! 

My being such a THRIFTY GIRL I have been making myself USE UP ENTIRELY my packages of embellishments as to not multiply the clutter!

This "cluttered" card was inspired by Aimee Cretsinger and was the result of my wanting to use up a few leftovers here and there.  It turned out a bit more eclectic than my normal style but I LOVE IT! It's so pretty I just can't give it away yet, I plan to duplicate this card multiple times before sending the original. 

I grabbed pieces from several different you can see, there is a resin piece from the For Always Assortment, a Clear Sparkle, a button from the Slate Mini Medley, a few strips of Washi tape, and my Favorite embellishment is the Burlap Thread! Did you know you can snip out only a few threads from the burlap ribbon for tying?! LOVE!

I grabbed a few of my tiniest scraps from my Dream Pop Paper Kit, paired them with Slate and White Daisy Cardstock, and stamped a sentiment using my VERY Favorite Close to my Heart Stamp set - Casual Expressions

Check out all those red lines for this set! In case you were not already aware...the stamp images with a red outline are Cricut compatible! So...Great News for those who dislike trimming images! Cut your images (the size is printed directly on the stamp carrier sheet) with your Cricut Art Philosophy or Artiste Cartridges, stamp your chosen image (and how easy is it with totally clear stamps & blocks!? Whoot!), Done! How spoiled are we?!

And of course, can't leave the inside bare....used up a few more left overs there too!

So Friends....Word for the day, USE UP YOUR CLUTTER! Turn it into something Spectacular! :) 

Thank you for joining me once more....I'm really enjoying blogging, I do hope you are as well! 
Blessings, Sus

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  1. I am LOVING your blogging!! :) :) THANK YOU!!! I was reading, for those of you who dislike trimming images! Inserted JULIE PROCTOR just as if you had wrote it! :) :) :)