Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paper Bag Pocket Tutorial

If you have followed my Facebook for a while then you already know how much I love these little things! Who would have thought a plain ole paper bag could be so cute, huh?! 

I learned this project from a fellow consultant, Aaron Brown....I don't think "Idol" is the right word but I have really looked up to her for a long time, she has projects that are just "me" and she is always so willing to share her techniques and ideas via video or blog posts.  If you'd like to take a peek at her blog it can be found here.

These Paper Bag pockets are so perfect for so many occasions....Most of the orders I get are for Kiddo birthday parties.  These are an order from a little girl who specified "Brown and Pink" and "camping"....I was really scratching my head with those requests. 

The Close to My Heart Clementine Paper kit had the "Brown and Pink" and had a kind of "country" feel to it.  I did stray from my Beloved Close to My Heart Artiste and Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridges for this project and pulled out the very first cartridge I ever purchased, "Camp out".  Inside the pocket of the bag there will be an additional card (not pictured) with printed party details (will be created closer to party time as details are still not finalized at this time) tucked inside.  And isn't the marshmallow a nice touch? :)

I'd love to show you how I created these......:) 

I buy the cheapo bags from the grocery store! I think these were 50 for about $1.25 (THRIFTY GIRL) 

I used the following sizes for my cardstock/paper pieces:

Sorbet Cardstock - 5" X 1.75"   
Saddle Cardstock - 5" X 2.5"   
Brown Pattern Cardstock - 5" X 1.5"   
Flowered/Paisley Pattern Cardstock - 4.75" X 2.25"
I also used a Zip Strip from the Clementine Level 2 Paper Kit and trimmed 1.5" off the end. You can use a .5" X 10.5" piece of cardstock in place of the Zip strip if you prefer.  

Using your Bone Folder (you will want very crisp folds for this project) fold your paper bag in half. (I like my backside to be "clean" so I folded it in such a way that the bottom of the bag (when opened with normal use) with all the seams are facing me (and will be covered with paper) Make sense?

Now, you will fold down the front flap....there are no exact measurements for this step but with the cardstock dimensions I have given you it will need to be approximately a 2" "folded down" flap, thus leaving about a 1.25" section of the bottom...I know, these are not the most descriptive instructions but follow me anyway, it might make sense later. :)

Adhere your cardstock pieces as shown to the inside of your pocket...you will notice how you are covering up the factory seams.

Now place adhesive where you see my pen marks, being careful to leave the "pocket". 

After you have adhered them together with firm pressure lift up the bottom "flap" and add your sorbet cardstock to the bottom of the pocket.  Then, as before, apply adhesive where you see my pen marks. I know....fanciest tutorial you've ever seen, huh?! HAHA Does anyone beside me speak "Hick" ? :)

Next add your front cover piece....When I first started making these my instinct was to trim up the Frazzled pieces of the bag edge but now I think it adds character.  I love when someone says "Oh My gosh, I can't believe that is an old paper bag!!" :)

Add adhesive to your zip strip (or cardstock strip).  This step isn't absolutely necessary but sometimes I like to add candy or other things to the pockets and having something "holding it together" in addition to the adhesive just makes it that much sturdier. :)

Wrap it firmly all the way around and if using a zip strip just trim off that 1.5" tail.  Be mindful where you place your seam as you will want to cover it.

I covered my seam with the little wooden sign and further embellished with a butterfly and a few sparkles as seen in the very first photo. 

These are SO easy to make and they can really reflect the personalty of the sender or the theme of the party! Here are a few others I've done in the past.  

I wish I would have taken pictures of all of them...had never expected to enter "Blog Land"! 

I hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial, and be sure to stop by Aaron's blog...she has great ideas, you will LOVE IT! :)  

Thank you for joining me!
Blessings, Sus


  1. Wow! You really go to town when you create orders! They're all so cute!

  2. Absolutely love these! I am a huge paperbag fan also!

  3. I have never seen these before!!! YOU are MY Aaron Brown!!! ;) Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial, Susan!!! If you can see me, I am blowing kisses!

  4. HAHA! You are so funny!! :) :) :) She seriously is DA BOMB! Be sure to subscribe to her blog...you will love her! :) :) :) Thank you for always encouraging me!! You are such a great cheerleader!

  5. Thank you so much Christie!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  6. Thank you so much Lalia!!! you are always so sweet!! :) :) :)

  7. Susan, would you say that these are roughly 5.5" x 5.5" ? would you need a 6x6 envelope? If you remember, about what size did you make the inside slide-in note card? These are what I'd like to make for my son's graduation.