Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did you know Close to My Heart can create CUSTOM Acrylix Stamps?!

That's right! Have you just been flipping past the page when you look at your idea book? I used to do that! :)

Here is a section from page 115 in the Close to My Heart Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book. 

It's hard to believe you can get a Custom stamp (up to 4 lines) for less than $10! (Holy Smokes!)

I have several of these, Here is the latest one I've purchased.  I felt it was appropriate to update my information now that I have a blog and a new shopping website address. :) 

Did you also know that Close to my Heart makes all of our stamps 'in house'? My custom stamp didn't slow my order time at all! I got it in the same amount of time as all other product orders! They are SUPER FAST! :) Okay, back to business.....

They are address label sized and come in a small zip top bag. 

Now, I know this makes some people's heart jump but...yes, that is an exact o knife! Hello, I'm Susan and I'm a 'stamp cutter'! I like the ability to use all 4 lines or only part of them.  I use my custom stamps for projects I create to sell, custom gifts, handmade cards, marking my idea books, Christmas Cards, Thank you Cards....Wouldn't your Christmas cards go much faster stamped/signed with your Family greeting?! :) 

So, yes...I do cut them into pieces.  No worries kids, they just stick right back on the block next to each other....you'd never even know! :) 

Be sure to take the plastic backing off your stamp, if not it won't stick to your acrylic block. :)

I wanted to share this small bit of information with you so I could tell you this....Close to my Heart announced a few months ago that they were discontinuing the Custom Stamps.  You will only have until July 31st to order them.  The price can not be beat and the Quality is the same quality that you are already enjoying with our Acrylix Stamp line!  

While on the 'shop' section of my website just type "Custom" in the search section (upper left corner of the screen) and THIS is what you'll see. You will then be directed to another screen (no worries, the rest of your order is safe and you will be directed back to it) with steps to choose your font and information, then click "save stamps" and you'll be returned to your original order.  Easy as can be! :) 

I challenge you to think of uses for your Custom stamp and be sure to get them ordered before they're gone! :) 

Don't forget all of the June Specials going on this month! Free Card Kits, Free Mini Banners, Giving to Oklahoma and the USO! LOTS going on!  

Thanks for joining me today Friends! 
Blessings, Sus 


  1. I love my custom stamp. Thanks for sharing this great article. Mind if I share?

  2. Susan - I didn't know the custom stamps were being discontinued. Thanks for the info and thanks for a great tutorial!

  3. Of course not! Go for it! You are always such a Sweetheart, it is my pleasure to lend it to you! :)