Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Bit of Lola!

A Little bit of Laughing Lola.....with some Artbooking Flair! :) 

I Love how this layout turned out! I did some Jazzin' to the Traditional Workshop on the Go Kit! :) 

I thought this layout was SCREAMING for some of the Lola Gold! Lola Gold is one of the Exclusive colors to the Laughing Lola Paper collection and I LOVE IT! :) 

Do Tell....what do you think of that Overlay? (Squealing with Delight!) If you've not met allow me to introduce you to Mr. Cricut Artbooking! OMWord, it is Fabulous! 

I Love the variety of Overlays featured on our Exclusive Cricut Cartridge....There are SO many ways to use them on your layouts as well as cards and other paper crafts! I used the 'half sheet' overlay (bottom right image) and cut it at 11".

 Now...the COOLEST thing about this cartridge is that everything is cut proportionally! Perfectly! Okay...speak slower...Hillbilly words, right?! Okay, maybe that's just for me. :) This entire page (above) has been created to cut each individual piece in proper proportion to your page size....the largest the cartridge will cut is 11" (unless you use Cricut Craft Room - more on that later)...so by doing that it gives you the MOST PERFECT boarder around your pages (you already know I LOVE boarders...just look at my pictures!).  

See the sample layout on the page above, how the left page has the sage green overlay cut at 11" leaving a nice boarder of the grey base page? So with your cricut dial set on 11" your large overlay will be cut at 11" square.  Now, DON'T touch the size dial again....when you begin cutting the picture mats, title, etc. on these pages it all will automatically cut PERFECTLY to fit onto that designed layout...making sense? I tell ya, It took me a while before this really kicked in with my brain...I'm always a little slow to the party!.  

So, your size dial is set on 11", that does not mean that (like most other cricut cartridges) your photo mats will cut at 11"....it will cut in PROPORTION to an 11" project size.  BUT wait, CAN you get an 11" photo mat (or any other character in the booklet...? OF course! Ever noticed the button on your machine on the left of the overlay keypad that says "Real Dial Size"? Just simply hit that button and each character will be cut to the size of your dial. 

My Mind was Blown, totally Blown.  Of course the thought that kept running through my mind was "Oh My Gosh Sus, think of how much paper you will save now that your cuts will be sized perfectly the FIRST time!!" Whoot! 

Okay...trip off the track, Let's get back to it! My Goal with this layout was to keep the Basic Workshop on the Go Layout pattern while Kicking it up a notch with Artbooking....so the larger Overlay just didn't really fit my pattern, truthfully neither did the half sheet overlay.  I had already cut it out on my cricut when I decided it just didn't quite work...until...I trimmed it in half! It worked perfectly! I was not "over the top" yet gave my layout just a little kick!

And How about the title? Just another kick from my pal! I cut it twice, once with Lola Gold and a second time with Black....nice little punch! :)  

This cartridge is loaded with Great titles for your projects! I grabbed this title from one of another one of the pre-designed layouts! It had a Winter theme but I loved the sentiment for this page! 

Notice another WAY CUTE pre-designed layout for your Winter themed pictures!? Mix and match them as I did or Create layouts identical to these pictured....the designers at Cricut really have done the hard work for us! This cartridge will allow you to create MANY pages in a short period of time! Saving Time?! Sign me UP! Whoot! :)

I further "Jazzed" by adding some of the Newest Embellishments Close to My Heart Offers! Aqua Dots (Self Adhesive....YAY!), the New Laughing Lola Assortment, as well as my trusty old standby of Black Shimmer Trim (also self adhesive backed)

I was so happy at how this layout turned out! The pictures...not so much! But the Layout I LOVE! If you'd like to get your hands on the products to create this layout I encourage you to shop here

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I would love to visit more with you about hosting an online gathering! Or Placing a product order! 

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It's gonna be a Fun Ride Girls...hang with me, we're gettin' to the Good Part! 

Thank you for joining me again, and for being one of my Blessings! Sus


  1. I love the way your take on this layout turned out. The cricut cuts you added were perfect!

  2. I sure wish you would do a cricut class for us!

  3. The gold was the perfect thing! I knew I wanted to add something but I haven't even started and now I know just what I have to do - you're a genius!!

  4. Thank you ALL! You just BLESS me!!

  5. Susan - LOVE what you did with the WOTG layout! Way to "kick it up a notch"!