Friday, November 22, 2013

Get Ready!

I had a shocking realization last night....I seem to have NO ISSUES at all Creating Artwork - But I DO SEEM to have an Issue with SHARING ARTWORK! 

Good Grief - I created a Monster amount of art when the Autumn/winter Idea book was released and I've shared less than 1/3 of the projects! 

I'll get to start working with Brand New Product in about 5 weeks!!! (GIDDY)  

So, this means I have ALOT to share in a SHORT amount of time....Hold on to your TAILS, you're about to get a MONSTER Amount of Inspiration over the next month or so! Get Ready! Don't say I didn't warn ya!:) 

It's Been Autumn for a bit now so we'll start with Close to My Heart's Autumn themed paper line, Huntington! 

I LOOOOOVE this Card! It's so bright and cheerful! 

I adore the Rosewood Mini Medley Collection...aren't those Rhinestone Clusters Fantastic!? They're even adhesive backed! Whoot! What about those bright flowers!? 

Last night Close to My Heart posted the Retiring product list and 'Just Blooms' Floret Paper Flowers are on it, as is the Huntington Paper Line! Sooo, if you would like to get your hands on these Gorgeous Flowers or any of the other great products that are making their way out, check out the list HERE

Of COURSE the inside matches.....(I'm hopeless!) :) 

I have more art coming up! Stay Tuned! :) 
Blessings, Sus

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Card Kits!

Tis the Season....almost. :) 

I'm gearing up for my upcoming Christmas Card Workshops!  I am shipping pre-stamped kits right now.  
Choice #1 - Christmas Card Workshop - Frosted! 

(5) each of these 3 designs....includes; (15) Card Bases & envelopes, pre-cut Cardstock/Patterned Papers, Full sheet of Clear Adhesive backed Sparkles, and a FULL ROLL of the adhesive backed shimmer sparkle trim!

This workshop will create 15 simple - easy to assemble - Very sparkly, super Fun Christmas Cards! 

Each kit is $20, kits by mail are an additional $4 for shipping and will be pre-stamped! 

Choice #2 - Christmas Card Workshop - Sparkle & Shine! 

(3) each of these 5 designs....includes; (15) Card Bases & envelopes, pre-cut Cardstock/Patterned Papers, Full sheet of Clear Adhesive backed Sparkles, and a FULL ROLL of the adhesive backed shimmer sparkle trim!

This workshop will create 15 simple - easy to assemble - Very sparkly, super Fun Christmas Cards!

Each kit is $20, kits by mail are an additional $4 for shipping and will be pre-stamped!

I'm taking orders now for the Kits! You can contact me HERE via Email or HERE via Facebook! :) 

Additionally, any order of $100 placed on my website { HERE } will qualify you, not only to receive a free 'star item' from the Mini Holiday Gift Guide Idea book (a value of up to $17.95) it will also qualify you to receive one of my Christmas Card Kits FREE! Simply place your order using the 'NOVEMBER ORDERS' Gathering tab on my website, I'll email you asking for your choice of Card kits, and I'll get it on it's way to your doorstep! :)  

Your $100 order will ALSO qualify you to receive up to (2) $5 Discounted November Stamp of the Month Sets! (Who just started their Christmas Shopping!? ) 

I Love getting the most of my investment, I'm sure you do too! Thanks for joining me friends! 
Blessings, Sus

Thursday, November 14, 2013

BabyCakes Double Layout Kit

My Workshop for these Darling Kits is tonight (New Location - So Excited!)....I also have plenty of extra kits for shipping!

Each Kit Includes;
Baby Cakes Patterned Paper Pieces - Precut
Misc. Cardstock - Precut
*Select Pieces will be Pre-Stamped for you*
Full package - Slate Mini Medley Embellishment Collection
Embroidery Floss
Slate Twist Ties
Lagoon Hounds tooth Washi Tape
(4) CTMH Page Protectors
Color Photos of the Completed Layouts
Packaged in a New - reusable Clear Zip Top Bag

$20 per Kit, Shipping is $6 anywhere in the Continental US

Here are a few more detailed pictures of each of the Completed Layouts. 

You can purchase your kit directly from me below....

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Now they can hush....:)

Hi Friends!

Something just totally Fun Today! I was invited to join a design team over at Creative Craft Cottage Blog a while back...the team member who chose the challenge this month chose 'Texture'.  While it's no secret that I'm not a 'technique' junky I knew EXACTLY what I was going to show you the minute they announced this month's challenge! :)

Close to My Heart Introduced our very first Cricut Cartridge (Art Philosophy) in the Summer of 2011. Artiste followed in Summer of 2012 as did Artbooking this past summer! 

I, of course was totally on board! You already know I am SUCH a thrifty person, it's just my I can really see the wisdom in a larger initial purchase - I can get WAY MORE for my money than buying punch after punch after punch or die after die after die! I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math....! 

Each of our Cricut Collections have 700 images! Then each of those images can be sized at intervals as small as tenths of an inch! (Holy Cricut!) Then, taking into consideration how the free 'Cricut Craft Room' software factors into the equation.....I can bend, flip, rotate, stretch, weld, (list goes on) any of my images from my cartridges in Addition to the free images in the CCR Library! Seriously they are the Best Value for your hard earned money! :) 

Okay, so I DO have a point....I'm getting there! :) 

I've heard- since our partnership with Provocraft (Cricut) - that crafters LOVE every aspect of the cartridges with one exception.....they can not emboss! Well.....Now they can hush. :)  CHECK. THIS. OUT. 

I Stinking LOVE this card! Every single Detail makes my heart skip a beat! :) It is a very simple, clean looking card...which is Just my Style. :)

I know, I know....nothing spectacular about! Except the way I made. it! :) I embossed with my cricut! (LOVE!) 

Here are the steps I took to get this look! :) 

Chevron is Big right now and we have such a FABULOUS (Full Page) Chevron Overlay on our Cricut Artbooking Cartridge! 

I wanted to show you what the screen of the Cricut Craft Room looks like (if you are not already using the CCR - GET TO IT! It's free and totally Awesome!) 

I sized them so they would be sure to fit through my Cuttlebug machine.....then just copied and pasted as many as would fit onto my page.  

I cut 3 of the the time I will cut 4 of them to give it a more defined emboss. :)

Don't throw away your negative pieces! They make perfect embellishments for other projects! :) this is the Time consuming part! You will need to adhere all of the layers together.  I thought I'd skimp on my adhesive to make it faster but I ended up making a mess first time out of the chute gate! The overlays will shift when they are being run through the Cuttlebug so you will need to make sure that they are adhered very well.  

I used ATG for the outer edges and Bonding Memories Glue Pen-Fine Point for the inside sections. :)

 I's alot of work but think of the money you are saving! And you are getting a CUSTOM Embossing plate to suit your personal preferences! :)

Next, just use it in the same way you would any other embossing plate! I lined it up JUST RIGHT for my cardstock! I loved how I could see right through it. :)

It gives such a nice crisp emboss! :) I absolutely Love this!

And!! The BEST part about Close to My Heart Cardstock.....the WHITE CORE! INSTANT TEXTURE Girls!!

How Fun! I already have thoughts of embossing with all of the Fancy card bases from our Art Philosophy Cartridge as well as all of the Theme Specific Images and flourishes from Artiste...and of course Artbooking with all of it's CRAZY AWESOME Overlays make embossing with our Cricut Cartridges a Paper Crafters Dream! an Absolutely UNIQUE Dream! :)

So, the next time you hear someone say Close to My Heart has no Embossing just tell them to hush and show them how easy it really is. :) I LOVE getting the most out of my money spent, don't you?! :) 

I guess I really should share the inside of my will be no surprise, you already knew it would match the front, didn't you? :) 

And much do you LOVE that Woodgrain Washi Tape?! (GIDDY) 

Thanks for joining me girls! Sure do appreciate each of you!

Below is another great Video from Close to My Heart with information about our Cricut Collections! :)

Blessings, Sus 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Can you Picture it?

Can you Picture it?! I totally CAN! :)
Close To My Heart has begun an incredible recruiting opportunity, unique Constant Campaign, and product sneak-peek all rolled into one huge offer! 
From November 1—December 15, new Consultants who enroll with either the Essentials   (Cost of $49 for approx $155 worth of merchandise) or Master  (Cost of $99 for approx $335 worth of merchandise) New Consultant Kit may also receive a brand-new exciting product from the Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book.

What's the new product? It's the gorgeous new Picture My Life™ scrapbooking program. There are 8 fresh and stunning design themes to choose from (sneak peeks of 6 right now with 2 more being revealed Jan 1st!), each one featuring 122 double-sided, designed cards in a mix of 3" x 4" and 4" x 6", plus a 12"x12" cover page to bring your album together beautifully. You also get 10 Memory Protectors™ with new formats designed just for this program and lots of your photos. It's a retail value of $24.95 but it’s FREE to qualifying new Consultants! There is a preview period for these and all new products starting in January. 
You can begin earning your Picture My Life program FREE right now when you sign up. Consider it: when you order the Essentials Kit and qualify for the offer, you will receive more than $180 in products and supplies, plus commission on your sales, all for just $49. Add to that the perks of the Straight To The Top program, additional rewards and cash incentives from myself, PLUS a new Idea Book coming soon….. you have an incredible opportunity to grow quickly!! In addition to the free product and cash incentives I (personally) also offer each member of my team full access to all of my workshop files! I will do my very best to help each member of my team be successful! I have multiple workshops that I’ve painstakingly created cutting guides and tutorials for…my customers can find them for sale on my blog but my team members have access to each of those files free of charge! What does this mean? This means that they have the ability to use my hand created documents to host their own classes and workshops while ordering all of the supplies themselves…resulting in sales commissions back into THEIR pocket! :) Think of it as a ‘ready made’ workshop where I’ve done all the hard work for you! #SUCCESS :)
I will be posting more information about joining my team all throughout the Month! If you are interested in hearing more RIGHT NOW please contact me HERE and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have! 
Are ya still hangin' with me? :) Have a sneak peek at 6 of the 8 New 'Picture My Life' Collections! :) 

I don't know about you but I'm super excited about all of the things coming soon to Close to my Heart! I'm so glad I'm a part of it! Won't you join me?! :) 

Blessings Friends!