Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chalk it up is in Da House!

Okay...so it's been 'in Da House' for a few weeks now! I am so bad about my blog...YIKES! For some reason I update my Close to My Heart Facebook Page daily and I tend to forget my lonely ole Blog! 

Anyway......Here are the Details of this Fabulous Workshop! 

This package will create (3) Layouts (6 - 12" X 12" pages), each featuring our 'Chalk it up' Paper collection! It's SO Vibrant and Versatile! You'll Love it, I'm sure! 

I Love each of these Layouts so much, they are just so bright and cheerful! 

Just like my previous workshop packages, I will send the e-files via email to anyone ordering the workshop supplies from my WEBSITE.  

Files included are; 
- Chalk it up Welcome letter/Cover sheet
- Chalk it up 11 Page Cutting Guide
- Chalk it up 'The rest of the story' 
(Photo  Suggestions, Additional notes, & tips to assist with workshop completion) 
- Chalk it up Layout #1, #2, and #3 
(detailed color photos of each of the completed layouts for assembly assistance) 

Close to My Heart Consultants purchasing this workshop with the intention of distributing my files to hold their own event will also receive; 
- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information 
(containing a supply list, suggested coordinating 'up sell' products, etc.) 

CTMH Consultants may purchase the 'rights' to use my designs and files to support their own business simply by placing any $25 order on my WEBSITE.

CTMH Consultants outside the US are invited to EMAIL me to discuss purchase of these files! 

Customers purchasing the following from me (or any CTMH products of $25.00 or more) will receive the files emailed to them upon confirmation of their order; 
- Chalk it up Paper Pack X7184B $9.95
- Chalk it up Complements X7184C $4.95
- Chalk it up Assortment Z3009 $4.95
- Black Arrow Washi Tape Z2003 $4.95 
* You will also need an additional (3) sheets of White Daisy Cardstock - use from your stash or purchase #1385 $9.50 

JOIN  MY 'Just Crazy Blessed' CTMH TEAM to receive these files (and all of my other workshop files) FOR FREE! I will go to great lengths to serve my team by offering pre-designed workshops & custom Cutting guides to help support their own businesses! 

If you'd like to learn more about this workshop take a peek at my video below! :) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Only a few days left!

Have you ordered your August Stamp of the month, 'What a Hoot' yet?  Remember, you can get it for only $5 with any $50 order! 


I've also showcased the stamp set here in my latest video! (Below)   I've shown you how to create with the New 'Cut Above' Halloween Treat Bag kit in a NON-Halloween Themed way!  I hope you enjoy it! 

Thank you so much for joining me today! 
Blessings, Sus

Monday, August 11, 2014

'Chalk it Up'...it's on it's Way!

Guess What's Almost  ready!?  My First Workshop package of the Season!! Whoot! I'm STOKED!! 

'Chalk it Up' is designed and I'm just putting the finishing touches on the cutting guide files! I expect it to be ready to go this week!

Sneak Peek of Layout #1 


My customers can simply purchase the small supply list on my shopping website www.susanwilliams.ctmh.com and I'll email you the files right away! (as soon as they are completed) 

Fellow CTMH Consultants wishing to use my files to support their own business and distribute to their own customers are welcome to place an order of $25 in product of their choice to receive the files as well as the consultant release & information sheet (pricing information/up-sell listings, etc.) 

Sneak Peek of Layout #2

Members of my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team have full access to all of my files free of charge. (they are uploaded right in our Team Facebook Page - or can be emailed individually to each member if requested)  I will go to great lengths to help you grow your business! 

If you've ever thought about opening the door to the opportunities that Close to My  Heart could hold for you I invite you to watch this video! 

Sneak Peek of Layout #3

Customers who might like to get their supplies on the way (while I'm finishing the files) can order the following products....

Chalk it Up Level 2 Paper Pack  $9.95  X7184B
Chalk it Up Complements Chipboard  $4.95  X7184C
Chalk it Up Assortment - 3-D Puffy Stickers  $4.95  Z3009
Black Arrow Washi Tape - 15 Yards  $4.95  Z2003
(4) Single sheets of White Daisy Cardstock - use from your stash or order the 24 sheet bulk pack $9.50  #1385 

Tools Needed; Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Misc. Adhesives, Black journaling pen (optional)! 

That's it! No Big investment, Nothing extra to 'store' and clutter up your craft room! Just Nice Pages for a Nice Price! AND, I've done all the 'thinking' for ya! ;) 

Tune in for Photos of the Completed Pages! Coming Shortly! 

Thanks for joining me today! 
Blessings, Sus 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just a Little Lookie Lou!

This week I've been sharing a few sneak peeks over at my Business Facebook Page! 

So.....Here's a little Pretty to get you excited for our BRAND NEW PRODUCTS coming August 1st! :)

Let me introduce to you, 'Confetti Wishes'! You'll be seeing much more of her in the coming weeks....months....YEAR! 

I can hardly wait to begin revealing all of the projects I've created with each of our NINE Brand New Paper Collections! 

Join me tomorrow for another peak, won't you?! :) 

Blessings, Sus 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Close to My Heart 'Scrapbookers' New Consultant Kit!

Have a look at the contents of the Close to My Heart 'Scrapbookers' New Consultant Kit! Buy your Own Business for only $99 and get a Kit filled with products worth over $365! Our 'Just Crazy Blessed' CTMH Team is spread all across the United States, we'd love to have you part of our family! Contact me Today

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Only a few days left!

We only have a few days left to get the 'Free to Be Me' Paper Collection for only $5! 

When you purchase the 'Free to Be Me' Collection from me you will also receive my complete set of e-files (cutting guide, tutorials, etc.) to each of these workshop projects! (Below) 

Workshop details and additional photos can be found in the original post { HERE

Thank you for joining me today! 
Blessings, Sus 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let's Celebrate YOU Today!

Contact me at sus-williams@hotmail.com to choose your additional 33% in free product!! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'Free to Be Me!'

I was so excited about this promotion the minute I saw it! May is National Scrapbooking Month and Close to My Heart ALWAYS gives us a Fabulous promotion! I look forward to it every  year! 

I have created a Fantastic Workshop using the Free to Be Me Collection, I hope you love it as much as I do! 

If you'd like to create these workshop projects for yourself, It's Easy as can be! There are a few different options but first let me share a few more photos of the projects! :) 

Here is Layout #1 

Here is Layout #2 

Here is Layout #3 This layout also includes a 'Folding Photo Gallery'! The files include a tutorial to show you how to create the Folding Gallery as well as a tutorial to show you how to alter a page protector to allow for interactivity of the gallery! 

*Note...for those who always ask about my kiddo...All of these layouts showcase photos of him.  Layout #3 also showcases his Best Friend, Jade.  Jade has Down Syndrome and Cody has Autism...both boys are in the same grade and have been been best friends since they first entered the school district many years ago. They share a very special friendship.  They are a blessing to each other, just as they are to everyone who knows them. :) 

Now...something New! The previous workshops I've created were compiled of Layouts only, this workshop has a 'little bit extra'! 

I had lots of scraps left over from the layouts and I couldn't see NOT using them.  While creating a 4th layout would have been challenging the cards were a snap! 

Not only will the files contain a cutting guide for all (3) Layouts, it will include (10) Greeting cards as well! Two each of the (5) Cards pictured below. 

For Even more detailed photos please visit my CTMH Business Facebook Page ----> HERE 

As you can see, this paper collection really STRETCHED! :)

Now, the 'Good Stuff'.....

The Files included with this package are; 

- FTBM Welcome Letter/Cover sheet
- FTBM 15 page Color cutting guide
- FTBM 'The Rest of the Story' (additional notes and tips to assist with workshop completion)
- 6 pages of detailed color photos of each of the 3 layouts and all greeting Cards
- Accordion Folding Photo Gallery Tutorial with color photos
- Page protector interactivity Tutorial with color photos

Close to My Heart Consultants purchasing this workshop with the intention of distributing my files to hold their own event will also receive; 

- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant information (supply list, suggested coordinating 'up sell' products list, and CTMH Consultant Manual Policy information) 

I'm adding a photo of a previous workshop to show you the quality of the files. 

Customers purchasing the following from me will receive the files emailed to them upon order confirmation.  

The supply listing for this workshop is as follows;

- Free to Be Me Paper Pack CC1027 $5 with any $50 purchase
- Aqua Dots Z1853 $3.95
- Keyboard Kraft Alphabet Z1825 $4.95
- Midtown Cork Shapes Z1863 $4.95
- Framework Alphabet Stamp Set E1027 $29.95
- Journaling Pen Z1979 $3.25
- (10) White Daisy Card Bases (portion of X254) 
- (5) Sheets of White Daisy Cardstock (portion of 1385) 
* Most crafters already have White Card Bases & White Cardstock in their stash - if you already have these  there is not need to add them to your order, you just will need to order AT LEAST the $50 worth in order to be prompted to add the FTBM Paper pack for $5. 

Close to My Heart Consultants interested in receiving this workshop to offer as a class to their own customers can receive all of the files (as well as consultant release) just by placing a qualifying order of $25 on my OBA www.susanwilliams.ctmh.com 

These files are always available to my JUST CRAZY BLESSED CTMH TEAM free of charge! Would you like to Join Close to My Heart? Do you have Limited Time? Do you feel you have Limited Creativity? Would you like Easy to offer Workshops for your circle of friends/customers? I Can Help! 

Email me today! sus-williams@hotmail.com 

Don't forget Close to My Heart is allowing us to 'Double Dip' this month! Place an order of $50 and receive the Free to Be Me Paper Collection for only $5! AND receive the May Stamp of the Month (a Limited Edition - Month Exclusive) Stamp set for only $5 as well!

Would you like to find out more information of these previous workshop packages as well?

Timberline can be found HERE 

Ivy Lane can be found HERE 

Balloon Ride 'Starburst' can be found HERE 

Please send me any questions that you may have! It will be my Pleasure to visit with you about any aspect of my business or answer questions regarding my workshop files! 

Thank you for stopping by, it is such a Blessing to me! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Balloon Ride is Here!

I'm So Excited it's finally done! This workshop was a CHORE! But a Labor of Love none the less! I have been overwhelmed by the number of ladies who had placed orders for this workshop long before it was even finished - just completely Humbling! Thank you all! 

My Balloon Ride 'Starburst' Workshop will create (these) 3 layouts using the Balloon Ride Level 2 Paper Collection, the Balloon Ride Chipboard Complements, and the Brown/Tan Glitter Paper Collection.  

This workshop - like my previous Timberline & Ivy Lane Workshops - will have a complete set of e-Files! 

Included in the files you will find a cutting guide, Color photos of the Completed pages (for assembly assistance), a 'Creating Starbursts' Tutorial, Starburst Assembly Tutorials for each of the (3) layouts, 'The rest of the Story' (additional information and tips to assist you with creating this specific workshop), as well as a few other files (cover sheet, welcome letter, etc.) 

*Close to My Heart Consultants ordering the files with the intention of using the designs and documents for their own customers will also receive 'CTMH Consultant Information' (supply lists, suggested coordinating products, CTMH Consultant Manual Information) and a CTMH Consultant release form. 

If you would like to create these workshop projects for yourself - it's Easy as can be! Simply purchase the items on the supply list from my Close to My Heart Shopping Website

Items needed to create this workshop are;
Balloon Ride Level 2 Paper Packet X7180B - $9.95
Balloon Ride Complements Chipboard X7180C - $4.95
Brown/Tan Glitter Paper Z1830 - $5.95

Once you have placed your order CTMH will notify me with an email confirmation.  I will automatically email you all of the files the very minute I get back to my computer! 
*Daytime Monday-Friday, typical response time is only a few minutes, Evenings and weekends occasionally take longer as I am often not online for extended periods of time. :) 

I invite you to place your order as soon as possible so that I can get your files sent and you can begin working on your projects the minute you receive your product order! :) 

Close to My Heart Consultants wishing to use these designs and e-files to host a workshop for your own customers (resulting in sales commissions back into your pocket) - please email me at sus-williams@hotmail.com for information on the Consultant Release!

And don't forget....All of my Team Members have Full Access to my Workshop files for FREE! 

Have you ever considered joining Close to My Heart? If you have, April is the PERFECT time!  

This month - not only do you get a Kit already worth over $300 but you also get your CHOICE of FREE Cricut Cartridge Collection (worth $99 by itself)....That's over $400 worth of CTMH product for only $99! With no strings attached! :) Ask me today!

Love this workshop? Interested in Others? 

View Timberline HERE 

View Ivy Lane HERE 

Thank you so much for joining me today! It means so much to me!
Blessings, Sus