Thursday, May 21, 2015

Studio Sus * FLASH SALE * All Workshop Files $10 or Less! No Order Required!

You have been heard!! 


I am allowing the purchase of  ANY of my 'Studio Sus' Workshop e-files and cutting guides WITHOUT a qualifying purchase from my Close to My Heart Shopping Website! 

Sooooo many of you have asked for the ability to purchase my Workshop files without placing a qualifying order from my Close to My Heart Shopping Website....

Well, in Celebration of my Birthday I'm offering a *Flash Sale* of sorts! 

*TODAY ONLY* you can purchase any of my files for $10 or less! (discounts applied for multiple purchases!) 

You may choose from ANY of the Workshops located over in the right sidebar of my Blog! Yup...just look right there, ooooover to the right of your screen...YES, all of those!! Choose from any of those workshop packages! 

Click on each photo to take you directly to the original blog post speaking specifically about that workshop! There you will find detailed photos of each of the workshop projects, a supply listing, and other helpful information! 

Many of the Workshop Blog posts have photos of the Files themselves as well as videos of my walking you through specific workshop details as well as  the actual formatting of the files (so you can see the professionalism) and know exactly what you are ordering! 

This offer is also extended to my fellow Close to My Heart Consultants! When you make a purchase you are also purchasing the ability to print/distribute/etc. my designs and files to your own customers in support of your own business! And remember, your purchase is a 'business expense' so it's tax deductible! (Warm Fuzzies!)  

When you've made your selections just choose the quantity below (in the drop down menu of the paypal 'Buy Now' link) and as you proceed throughout the Paypal Check Out you will find a 'notes to seller' area, simply list the workshop files you are requesting as well as the email address where you'd like the files to be sent! 

Clear as Mud? #1 List your Workshop selections 
                           #2 List your email address! 

Easy as Can be! :) 

If at any point you need assistance or have additional questions please feel welcome to send  me an EMAIL! I am always happy to help! 

It is my desire that my workshop files offer enormous creative inspiration for our Hobby Crafter friends as well as benefiting my sister CTMH Consultants by supplying an additional creative business tool to save many hours of 'prep time' as well as put many sales back into their pockets to compensate for their investment! 

After you've received the email with your files just download each of them and print (if desired) can even put them in a binder to use with future alternate paper selections adding tons of 'WOW' to your projects! You know me, I'm always one who loves 'getting the most for my money'! 

If you have already purchased ALL of my Files (I have several peeps who order every single package I produce!) send me an email, I will extend a special offer JUST FOR YOU! :)  

You are also still able to receive the files FREE with any $25 order on my CTMH Shopping Website!! 

Remember, this offer is ONLY available today! May 21st! So, Don't Delay! :) 

File Quantities

Thank you to each of you who have helped me grow my business over the past 2 years! You mean so much to me! 

**Effective 7:10 p.m. CENTRAL ** 
My Email provider has shut me down for sending too many emails today (thanks for such great response to the Flash Sale!) So you are welcome to go ahead and purchase but it will be tomorrow before I can send any files! I'm so sorry! 

**UPDATE May 22nd 12:21 p.m. - My Email provider has completely locked my account. I am in the process of setting up an entirely new account and working to obtain the files that were only stored on my original email account. Please accept my apology for the delay! I have not taken your money and ran, I assure you! I'm working as quickly as I can! 

*Update May 22, 5:12 p.m. - I have a new email account up and running, I'm extending the sale due to my not having the ability to replay to many of the inquiries! As long as this Blog post is still posted feel free to purchase as normal. 

*May 22 5:47 p.m.*

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How 'bout a little 'Pathfinding' Thank You!?

I am SLOWLY but surely getting some of my Inventory moved over here to my blog! 

The requests for Pre-Cut Kits is bigger now than ever...and I'm hearing you! I'm enjoying creating new simplistic Pre-Cut kits as well as digging out some previous kits and moving their inventory over here to sell!

I only have a few of these kits left! I LOVE them...What a Warm THANK YOU they will bring to anyone you give them to! 

Each Kit includes pre-cut and pre-stamped pieces (a few will need trimming) to complete (5) each of the (2) Cards shown for a total of (10)! 

Also included in the Kit; Bronze shimmer trim, Brown Sparkles, gold sequins, (10) Colonial White Card Bases and Envelopes. 

Each kit comes packed in a sturdy clear container (as shown) with color photographs for assembly assistance! 

The Cards feature such a Warm Greeting, they will surely be a hit with whom ever you send them to! 

Each Kit is $15 + $4 US First Class Shipping!  

You are welcome to purchase right here on my blog via paypal, just follow the link below! 

* Paypal is not giving me the ability to add a 'shopping cart' feature with combined shipping - if you are making multiple individual purchases I am always happy to refund you any overage paid for shipping expenses! 

Thank you so much for joining me today! You are a Blessing to me! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

'Delightful Dozen' Pre-Cut (12) Card Kit!

Lately I've been asked many times to provide some simplistic Pre-cut Card kits! I'm am SO Appreciative of the Requests and I am Happy to oblige! 

I am Happy to Introduce you to  the 'Delightful Dozen', a Pre-Cut Non-Stamped (12) Card Kit ready for you to customize with your favorite Sentiment! 

I've grabbed a few of my older Favorite Paper collections and created this VERY simple Kit that can be assembled quickly and can be utilized for multiple occasions!  

These kits are Completely Pre-Cut and for your convenience I have left them UN-STAMPED so you can customize them for occasions specific to your own needs! 

The stamping Space measures 2.25" X 2.25" so it will allow for a nice sized Sentiment! I used one of my Brand new Favorite Stamp sets introduced in our Seasonal Expressions Volume #2 Idea Booklet, 'Finding the Words' #D1646

So Grab one of your trusty Favorites or Purchase a New Set, either way your Cards are sure to turn out Fabulous! 

Each kit comes packed in a sturdy clear container (as shown) with a color photograph for assembly assistance! 

Each kit includes Pre-Cut pieces for Creating 2 each of the 6 cards pictured below, buttons (may vary slightly with each kit), Burlap Thread, Shimmer Trim, un-stamped sentiment spaces, and (12) Card Bases & Envelopes! 

You may notice that I Gently ink distressed the edges with Desert Sand Ink and our Sponge

I also (as always) had to utilize our Journaling Pen for my 'Edge Doodles' (totally addicted to this!)

You will also notice I used (5) different colors of our Adhesive backed Shimmer Trim! 

Our Shimmer trim might be my very favorite embellishment within our product line! For only $4.95 you get 5 yards of adhesive backed trim! It's a great buy and adds a bit of sparkle without the hassle of glitter! See all (10) colors of trim we have available HERE

I found using 3-D Foam Tape handy for adding dimension and adhering the sentiment Spaces, and our Glue Dots proved to be a great way to secure the buttons onto the cards!

I think these cards turned out Super Cute and I feel they are extremely versatile for any occasion! Enjoy them yourself or gift one to a friend, either way they are an affordable way of brightening someone's day! 

Each Kit is $20 + $4 US First Class Shipping! 

You are welcome to purchase right here on my blog via paypal, just follow the link below! :) 

Thank you for joining me today! Please feel welcome to shout at me should you have any questions, I am always happy to assist! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

'Taste of Summer' Workshop with Cutting Files!

It's HERE! I am ALWAYS SOOO Excited for May! 

In 'Close to My Heart' World we Celebrate National Scrapbooking Month in May! We always get a Fabulous Campaign each year and this year did not disappoint! 

Wait til you get your hands on THESE papers! :) The 'Taste of Summer' Papers are Just Incredible! 

Once again I have created a 'Studio Sus' Workshop using this Cheerful Collection! Check this ouuuuuut! 

This Kit stretched SO FAR, it was just Crazy! I can hardly believe how many projects came from just (1) Paper collection from adding some White Cardstock and Card Bases!

The 'Taste of Summer' Campaign includes a couple of MAY 2015 EXCLUSIVE Items! We can purchase a Paper Pack with (12) Double Sided Cardstock weight Patterned Papers! 

The Backsides are Just as Adorable! And How CUTE are those Zip Strips?! 


The Paper Collection is only $8.95 with NO Purchasing requirements or Quantity Limits! You can purchase as many paper packs as you'd like for only $8.95 Each! :) 

They have also created an Exclusive Stamp set to coordinate with the 'Taste of Summer' Paper Collection! And it is CUUUTE! Super 'Punny', right?! 

The Stamp set is a 'D' Sized (6" X 6" carrier sheet) and can be purchased for $17.95 only during May, the Campaign Month!

I had already planned my workshop before the stamp set was made available for Consultants to order so my workshop does not use the Featured stamp set but I have access to additional Workshops that DO feature the Stamp set and will be happy to send those to you if you add it to your shopping cart! 

So, Let's get to the Good Part, Right!?

My Workshop will Create (12) 12" X 12" Scrapbook Pages and (16) Greeting cards just be adding in some White Daisy Cardstock and a few Card Bases/Envelopes from our Bulk Pack! 

Here are each of the Projects in detail...

Layout #1 

Layout #2

Layout #3

Layout #4

Layout #5

Layout #6

And here are some photos of the Cards! You will create (2) each of (8) designs. 

Just like  my previous workshop packages, I will send the files and cutting guide via email to anyone ordering the workshop supplies (or any order of $25) from my CTMH Shopping website.   

These are files from a previous workshop as I have JUST finished creating the 'Taste of Summer' files and have not yet had the opportunity to print/photograph them! But, As you can see, they are very detailed, professional, as well as colorful and easy to read. 

The entire set of files include; 
- Taste of Summer Welcome Letter/Cover Sheet
- Taste of Summer 23 page color cutting guide 
- Taste of Summer 'The Rest of the Story' 
(Photo suggestions, additional notes and tips to assist with workshop completion) 
- Taste of Summer Layout #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 (detailed color photos of each of the completed layouts for assembly assistance)
- Taste of Summer Cards (detailed color photos of each of the completed cards for assembly assistance) 

Close to My Heart Consultants purchasing this workshop with the intention of distributing my files to their own customers (benefiting their own business) will also receive; 

- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information
(Supply List, suggested coordinating 'up sell' items, etc.) 

CTMH Consultants may purchase the 'rights' to use my designs and files to support their own business simply by placing any $25 order on my CTMH Shopping website.  

CTMH Consultants outside the US are invited to EMAIL ME or MESSAGE ME via my Business Facebook Page to discuss purchase of these files. 

Customers purchasing the following from me (or any CTMH products of $25 or more) will receive the files via email upon my notification of their order. 

Taste of Summer Workshop Supply List;

- Taste of Summer Paper Pack (May 2015 Exclusive) #CC1038  $8.95
- Black/Grey Glitter Paper #Z1829  $5.95
- Silver sequins #Z2013  $2.95
- Carnival Washi Tape #Z3067  $5.95
- (18) Pieces of White Daisy Cardstock #1385 (24 sheet bulk pack - $9.50) $7.02 
*You will also need 1-2 pieces of White Cardstock if you choose to attach the washi tape onto cardstock and trim as I have done (scraps from your stash will work too) 
- (16) White Daisy Card Bases/Envelopes (50 Bulk Pack #X254  $14.95) $4.80 

Optional Supplies; 

- Framework Alphabet Stamp Set #E1027  $29.95 
*I used the alphabet for my Page titles but you can use another alphabet of your choice or choose to use to create your titles with the Cricut. 
- ShinHan Touch Twin Markers (to color Page Titles);
  • Y222 Golden Yellow #Z2452  $5.95
  • YR24 Marigold #Z2457  $5.95
  • R5 Cherry Pink #Z2450  $5.95
  • G46 Vivid Green #Z2466  $5.95
  • P282 Peony Purple #Z2448  $5.95
  • R11 Carmine #Z2448  $5.95

- Desert Sand Ink Pad (edge Distressing) #Z2118  $5.95 
- Sponge (edge Distressing) #Z697  $1.25
- Marvy Uchida LePen Journaling Pen #Z1979  $3.25 

I almost couldn't believe how inexpensive the supplies were to create all of these projects! Love me some THRIFTY! :)

Remember!! This Paper collection is ONLY Available May 2015! Don't Delay! Grab it right away...the campaign is 'While Supplies Last' so be sure to grab yours quickly! :)

Also Remember, joining my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team gets you unlimited access to my complete files library FOR FREE! I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to serve my team by offering pre-designed works and custom cutting guides to help support their own businesses! 

If you have never purchased my workshop packages before and you'd like to understand them better (and learn how they can benefit a hobby crafter OR a CTMH Consultant's own business) you are invited to watch the video will talk in detail about how my workshops can be beneficial to both Hobby Crafters as well as Close to My Heart  Consultants. :)

* When you place any order on my website (including the supplies for this or any of my other workshops) you will be prompted to add a FREE Copy of the New Seasonal Expressions Booklet to your order! Who Doesn't love Free?! 

If you are shopping for the 'Taste of Summer' Workshop supplies I encourage you to take a peek over in the right side bar right here on my blog to see the other workshops I have available! Each post includes a supply list so you can be sure to order the correct products to be ready to complete the workshop(s) as soon as your order arrives! 

This Video below Advertises a previous workshop but the concepts are the same. :) 

Thank you so much for Joining me today! You are a Blessing to me! :)