Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be A PRETEND Hostess with this Exclusive offer!

Don't you lOVE the Hostess Bundles on Page 3 of our Idea book? They are EXCLUSIVELY available to Qualifying Party Hostesses only......UNTIL today! I am offering this special through Myself-as an Independent is not a corporate sponsored campaign.

The next (3) $50 orders placed on my shopping website (You must "JOIN" the BANNER JUNE Gathering) will receive the opportunity to purchase their choice of one of the 4 bundles!

Bundle #1 - Retail $119.81 -  EXCLUSIVELY yours for only $52.53

 Each bundle is a 50% retail savings with NO shipping or Tax charges applied to them! You will only be responsible for shipping charges FROM me TO you (if you are not local)! 
Bundle #2 - Retail $121.69 - EXCLUSIVELY yours for only $53.35

This is a CRAZY Bargain on a bundle that is ONLY available for hosting a qualifying Gathering!

Bundle #3 - Retail $120.26 - EXCLUSIVELY yours for only $52.73

Remember, you are only responsible for the Discounted price of the Bundle and the shipping costs FROM ME to You! WOW! 
Bundle #4 - Retail $117.87 - EXCLUSIVELY yours for only $51.68
Would you rather have one of our Amazing Cricut Cartridge collections instead of a bundle? No problem! You may choose ANY bundle or Item from our Spring/Summer Idea book at a 50% off savings! Just for ordering product that you would order anyway! Whoot! 

Now, let's do some double need to order $50 of regular merchandise to be able to purchase the bundles, right? Be sure to toss in any A-D sized stamp set and Close to My Heart will send you (2) of our White Chipboard Milk cartons FREE with your order! 

Did you also know that your $50 order qualifies you to purchase the June Stamp of the month for only an extra $5? Isn't it CUTE?! :)

Okay, so if you have added the June Stamp of the Month to your order I will also send you (2) of my June Stamp of the Month Seed Packet Card kits FREE as well! I have even created an assembly tutorial for you so you can re-create more cards with ease! 

Card with the tag tucked inside the pocket.
Pulling the tag out....
Sliding the Seed packet out of the tag.

The inside....

Cute, huh?! You will get (2) complete kits for these cards as well as emailed instructions. :) 
Girls! We're talking about CRAZY savings with this deal!

So, to refresh.....
* Join the BANNER JUNE party on my website
* Place your order of $50
* I'll contact you to get your Bundle choice
* You are getting a TON of Great product!

DO IT! Exclusive offers like these don't happen everyday....Order, Your husband will LOVE you for it! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Claire is in DA HOUSE!

My Ladies have been asking for Claire Kits for a seems like a very popular paper kit.  I finally had some time in between projects to work a few up! There are more to come of course! :)

Lots of Thanks for Jennifer Thompson Cox for the inspiration and of course the Stamp Goddess for her patterns. :) 

This 'So Sweet' Claire Layout is super simple but also super cute! You can find it for sale - among others - in my Ebay Shop or My Facebook Business Site.  

I do love all aspects of this layout...the Buttons and Glitter Gems being top of the list! :)

And it has Lots of Photo Spaces! :)

As well as Journaling Space! :) 

Come take a look at my inventory! or take a peek at THIS previous blog post about why my Pre-cut Layout kits are such a great value and time saver! :) 

If you'd like to purchase any of my pre-cut kits or if you should have any questions about kits or Close to my Heart please do not hesitate to Shout at me! You can email me HERE or message me on Ebay or Facebook! :)  

Blessings Friends!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did you know Close to My Heart can create CUSTOM Acrylix Stamps?!

That's right! Have you just been flipping past the page when you look at your idea book? I used to do that! :)

Here is a section from page 115 in the Close to My Heart Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book. 

It's hard to believe you can get a Custom stamp (up to 4 lines) for less than $10! (Holy Smokes!)

I have several of these, Here is the latest one I've purchased.  I felt it was appropriate to update my information now that I have a blog and a new shopping website address. :) 

Did you also know that Close to my Heart makes all of our stamps 'in house'? My custom stamp didn't slow my order time at all! I got it in the same amount of time as all other product orders! They are SUPER FAST! :) Okay, back to business.....

They are address label sized and come in a small zip top bag. 

Now, I know this makes some people's heart jump but...yes, that is an exact o knife! Hello, I'm Susan and I'm a 'stamp cutter'! I like the ability to use all 4 lines or only part of them.  I use my custom stamps for projects I create to sell, custom gifts, handmade cards, marking my idea books, Christmas Cards, Thank you Cards....Wouldn't your Christmas cards go much faster stamped/signed with your Family greeting?! :) 

So, yes...I do cut them into pieces.  No worries kids, they just stick right back on the block next to each'd never even know! :) 

Be sure to take the plastic backing off your stamp, if not it won't stick to your acrylic block. :)

I wanted to share this small bit of information with you so I could tell you this....Close to my Heart announced a few months ago that they were discontinuing the Custom Stamps.  You will only have until July 31st to order them.  The price can not be beat and the Quality is the same quality that you are already enjoying with our Acrylix Stamp line!  

While on the 'shop' section of my website just type "Custom" in the search section (upper left corner of the screen) and THIS is what you'll see. You will then be directed to another screen (no worries, the rest of your order is safe and you will be directed back to it) with steps to choose your font and information, then click "save stamps" and you'll be returned to your original order.  Easy as can be! :) 

I challenge you to think of uses for your Custom stamp and be sure to get them ordered before they're gone! :) 

Don't forget all of the June Specials going on this month! Free Card Kits, Free Mini Banners, Giving to Oklahoma and the USO! LOTS going on!  

Thanks for joining me today Friends! 
Blessings, Sus 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Let’s Get Patriotic! Just another reason to love CTMH!

And the Constant Campaigns just keep on coming!

Celebrate military service and promote patriotism with new patriotic stamp sets from Close to my Heart —available only from June 1 to July 31, 2013. Three dollars from each B-size My Acrylix® Courage stamp set and $5 from each D-size My Acrylix® Home of the Brave stamp set will be donated to the USO, the leading, most recognized military-support and services organization in the country. Show your support with your own patriotic stamp set!


Aren't they Darling?! (Squealing with Delight!) And how about some more Double Dippin'!? Purchasing any of these stamp sets on a $25 order from my WEBSITE qualifies you to receive one of the My Creations® Mini Banners Absolutely FREE! Close to my Heart will toss it right in your order box, no sales tax, no shipping charges, Totally free! I Love free stuff, don't you? 

And remember, all orders purchasing the June Stamp of the Month can get in on my card kit special! Read previous Blog posts HERE. :)

We've got some Great campaigns going on this month, don't ya think?! I Looooooove it! :) 

Thank you for joining me again today! I can't wait to get my Patriotic stamps in the mail this week so I can share some artwork with you! :) 

Blessings, Sus

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dream Pop 'Sweet Birthday' Card

I'm not sure how long it will take me to be tired of the Dream is such Fabulous paper, I do hope you purchased some last month!  

This card has so many Elements that I Absolutely LOVE! Glitter Paper, Waxy flax, Buttons, Pin Clips...I LOOOOVE it!

You can find all of those Darling embellishments listed above right here on my Close to My Heart Shopping Website!

The embellishments even spilled over into the inside! :)

Do you love this card? Want to send it to someone special in celebration of their birthday? Well you CAN! 

I have cut a few pre-stamped/pre-cut 'card kits' for this project and they are available for purchase at the bottom of this post! 

These kits are a Fantastic Price! Only $4 (including shipping to you) each....That's a HALLMARK STEAL! :)

Click on the 'buy-it-now' secure  link below to purchase through Paypal, you can also message me on Facebook or submit an email to reserve yours today! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Carrying on with the Fad....:)

I must admit, this 'Throwback Thursday' is kind of fun! It has been a blast going back through old artwork folders seeing projects I created years ago! 

It's also encouraging to me to see "how far I've come"...wouldn't you say Crafting is like most of life, whereas we learn, grow, and continue to get better over time?! I would! :)  

Here are some cards I created back in the Spring of 2011! And YES, I did emboss and TRIM all of those Beautiful flourishes! :) 

Thanks for joining me again today....short and sweet. :) 
Blessings Friends,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free June 'Stamp of the month' Card kits with your order!

Throughout the end of the month, all customers who purchase the June Stamp of the Month will receive (2) of these Adorable Seed Packet card kits absolutely free! I'll ship them right to your door!

You will receive (2) of everything pictured.  :)

I am currently working on the step by step tutorial (The files will be emailed to you) for assembly of these kits as well as measurements and cricut sizes so that you can duplicate more of these at home. :) 

Here is the card while the tag and packet is tucked inside.....

Showing you how it pulls out of the envelope.....

Showing how the seed packet just slips out of the tag....

Up close look at the pull-out tag that holds the seed packet....

And the inside....

If you'd like (2) of these card kits as well as assembly information for creating more just place your order on my Shopping Website  HERE.  You must purchase the June Stamp of the Month (so you can create your cards of course).  Also be sure to check out the While Supplies Last Clearance section HERE....lots of items only $1! (BIG SMILE!) Clearance items DO COUNT toward your purchase! (SMILE AGAIN!) 

Be sure to click "Join" on the BANNER JUNE gathering on the Home page of my website (or just before you checkout) :) :) 

Annnnd! Don't forget, if you purchase an additional A-D sized stamp set (in addition to your June Stamp of the Month) You will receive a FREE Mini Banner with your order! The smiles just keep on coming! :)

Okay, Lots of information to 'take in' :) :) I bet our husband's don't have this much fun fishing! :) :)

Blessings Friends!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Relief for Oklahoma!

Close to My Heart has recently introduced the "Relief for Oklahoma Campaign"

Close To My Heart is making a new Autumn/Winter 2013 stamp set, A True Thank You, available immediately and will donate 100% of the profits from sales of the set from May 23 through June 30 to the American Red Cross to aid the Oklahoma victims. 

This stamp set is a STEAL at only $2.95! Be sure to add it to your next order! :)

Help us provide relief to those affected by the devastating Oklahoma tornado by purchasing A True Thank You stamp set for $2.95 (M1029) today!

*Offer valid May 23–June 30, 2013. No limit per order.

My set is on it's way, I can't wait to share more artwork with you! :) 

Thank you for joining me again Friends!
Blessings, Sus

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US!

Today marks a momentous occasion in our home, our 14th Wedding anniversary!

We were, as they call it, High School Sweethearts and never had a previous relationship with anyone else.  Many said it would never last.  

We actually enjoy telling the story....January 27, 1997, After crushing miserably after him for a year and a half he suddenly came  up to me one day while walking down the hallway at school, put his arm around me, and asked if I'd go out with him.  Of course it presented a problem right away....I was only 15 years old and the family rule was no dating until 16.  So what does a girl do? I said "I have to ask my mom!" (um...crawling under a rock right about now!) LOL  But girls, it is reassurance that all is not lost when you make a fool of yourself! After getting permission we went to a school dance together and the rest is history.  

He is my very Best Friend! We were married in a church right here in our home town 3.5 years later. :) Every member of our immediate family (and our Best Buds) are in this photo with the exception of our mothers.

Standing on a neighbor's bluff during Dad's Annual 
Trail ride - October 2004 

Sister-in-law's Birthday Celebration - April 2010

Church Christmas Program - December 2012

In July 2003 our little boy made his entrance, he is so special to us....we Love our Codybear! :)

Riding on a Spring Day with Mom after playing in the 
dirt on Daddy's Job site.  May - 2008

Playday at the Arena with Daddy.  June - 2008
Don't you love the "Cowboy Sun visor"? LOL

Visiting the "Real" Thomas the Tank Engine in 
Baldwin City, KS.  June - 2010

Cody and Mom just being silly.   Mar - 2013

A Quick picture at the Grandparents 
Christmas Dinner. Dec - 2011

Thank you for allowing me to share this little peek into our family life, if you hang with me in the future you'll see similar posts often...I truly love my family! 

Marriage is HARD work but it is the most rewarding "work" I've ever experienced.  We see so many broken homes now days, I believe a strong marriage is the VERY BEST gift we will ever be able to give our son!

Blessings Friends,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Close to my Heart Summer Party Contest!

The past several Months Close to My Heart has been giving opportunity after opportunity to win FREE Product! WHOOT! :)

Post your comments on the Close to My Heart Facebook Page, under the original You tube video, or on Jeanette Lynton's Blog for your entry to win!  

It's truly THAT easy! :)  More and More reasons to  Love this Company! :)

Blessings, Sus 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Still Lovin' Chantilly!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my very Favorite layout Kits...I think I say that about all of them but really, this one is near the top! :) 

I don't feel like the Close to My Heart Idea book quite does the Chantilly product line the justice it deserves! The colors look a little muted on the pages...but oh my word! Get that beautiful paper in your hot little hands and you'll see what I'm talkin' about! Wowza! It is GORGEOUS!! It's so bright it just pops off the page! 

Here is my spin on the artwork located on page 19 of the Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book!

I LOVE this layout! It includes some of my favorite embellishments! Would you look at that zipper lace trim!! and that Fabric!?

ECK! Do not be nervous about incorporating Fabric into your paper crafting!  Below is a video that speaks a bit about this very subject. :) I have also uploaded a picture tutorial on how to easily work with our Textiles here on my blog.

I Love all the elements that make this layout an eye catcher...the Chantilly assortment (they are the Coolest adhesive backed fabric covered badge buttons), the 
Pink glitter gems, pink buttons, bakers twine...Loooove it all! 

If you love this layout as much as I do and would like to see it in one of your albums be sure to visit my Ebay shop or my Facebook Business Page to purchase yours! I created 7 different Chantilly Layout Kits back in February and March.  They have been so popular I'm on restocking rounds 2 and 3 for most of them! I just created another 15 of this particular kit and it is ready for shipment immediately! :)

If you should have any questions regarding my Pre-Cut Layout kits please don't hesitate to contact me, It will be my pleasure to assist you! :)

Blessings, Sus