Tuesday, September 6, 2016

'Create Kindness' Cardmaking Workshop with Cutting Files!

OH My Goodness! How SA-WEEET are these?! I can hardly wait for you to get this GOODNESS into your hands! :) 

Did you know September is National Stamping Month?! Yup! and once again (in FINE FORM) Close to My Heart has given us a Fabulous Campaign to Celebrate the occasion!

Let me introduce you to the 'Create Kindness' Kit! 

The 'Create Kindness' card kit contains all of the supplies needed to create (24) beautiful handmade cards that you can use to brighten someone's day! 

Thanks to the pre-printed card bases, these cards come together in no time, leaving you more time to do something thoughtful for someone! 

The 'Create Kindness' card kit (CC1145) includes (24) pre-printed card bases with envelopes, (8) exclusive M-size stamp sets, a 2" X 2" Acrylix block, and an archival black mini pigment ink pad, all packed snugly in the My Acrylix Mini Stamp Organizer! 

The 'Create Kindness' products can be purchased as a bundle for a 15% discount or you can purchase the products separately - the choice is yours! The Link to add this to your shopping cart is HERE

Okay, so you KNOW I couldn't just create them the way you're supposed to, right?! (HAHA) I HAD to stray and do my 'own thing'...cause that's what I do, right!? (Wink) 

Remember my 'Adventure Fundamentals' (18) page scrapbooking workshop I released a couple of weeks ago? 

I created all (18) pages using only HALF a package of the Adventure Fundamentals paper collection (adding Black & White cardstock) and I promised that I had something else in the works to use up the remaining half?! 

Well Feast your eyes on THESE! 

SOOOOO Cute, right?! Can you believe that this workshop features (48) Cards (Yes, FORTY EIGHT!) using the 2nd Half of the Adventure Fundamentals Paper collections, a few sheets of Black & White Cardstock, Cardbases, and products from the 'Create Kindness' Campaign!? 

Okay, so here is the run down...Since the 'Create Kindness' Campaign features products to create (24) cards I have split this workshop into (2) sets of 24 cards.

(24) cards will feature the use of the Envelopes, 3" X 3" pre-printed card, pre-cut circle, and the featured stamp sets. (Photo below of 1 each of the 12 different designs)...

The 2nd set of (24) cards feature designs using the 'Create Kindness' Stamp sets only! (Photo below of 1 each of the 12 different designs)...

If you'd like all (48) of your cards to feature the 'Create Kindness' Envelopes, Pre-Printed Cardbases, and circles all you need to do is purchase a separate set of those (remember, you can get the products in a discounted bundle or purchase them separately). You can see all of the individual products HERE

The really neat thing about the structure of this workshop is that the cutting guide does not change whether you choose to create the cards with the additional 'Create Kindness' supplies or without them! So you can choose how you create them! 

I love both versions! With or Without, Your choice! Here are a few 'side by sides' to give you a peek at a few of the designs up close! :) 



As you can see, I have used the pre-cut circles (provided in the 'Create Kindness' kit) on the front of the card as an embellishment OR attached to the front of the smaller 3" X 3" Card (tucked inside the envelope).  

I think the envelope on the front of the card would be a super cute way of holding a Gift card, Ghirardelli Chocolate, or any small treat you might like to include! The possibilities are pretty endless in regard to making this kit unique to your own crafting preferences! 

So, now I guess we can get to some more of the details... 

Just like my previous workshop packages, I will send the files and cutting guide via email to my customers ordering the workshop supplies (see supply list below) from my CTMH Shopping Website 

I spend many days (weeks) working on my files and I am super proud of them! As you can see, they are both professional as well as easy to read. (the files below are from a previous workshop - I have not photographed the 'Create Kindness' Files yet) 

 The entire set of files include;

'Adventure Fundamentals' Cardmaking Workshop (Featuring  the 'Create Kindness' Campaign) Files included are; 
-   Welcome Letter/Cover Sheet
-   Newly Condensed (10) Page Cutting Guide 
- 'The Rest of the Story' (Additional Notes and Tips to assist with Workshop Completion) 
-  Detailed Color Photos of Each of the (24) different card designs to help with assembly assistance. (featuring designs WITH and WITHOUT the additional 'Create Kindness' Supplies) 

Fellow Close to My Heart Consultants are also welcome to order these files to use in support of their own business! Yes, this means you can copy/print/distribute these files to your own customers and hold your own events using my designs and files! 

Close to My Heart Consultants may place any order of $25 on my CTMH Shopping Website to qualify to receive the files for free! 

Close to My Heart Consultants who live OUTSIDE the United States are invited to EMAIL ME to discuss their option of purchasing the files to use for their own business! 

Consultants receiving this workshop will also receive...
- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information
(Supply List, suggested coordinating 'up sell' items, etc.) 

Workshop Supply List;

Each Full 'Adventure Fundamentals' Cardmaking Workshop (featuring the 'Create Kindness' Campaign) Kit will require the following consumable products:

- Adventure Fundamentals Paper Packet *Half Package*  (full package $19.95) #Z3253 $9.98
- 'Create Kindness' Campaign #CC1145 $46.95 (or purchase individual items separately)
- Black Glitter Paper *1 sheet* (full package $5.95) #Z3236 $1.99
- (2) packs of Silver Sequins #Z2013 $5.90
- (48) White Card Bases & Envelopes (50 count value pack $14.95) #X254 $14.40
- (4) pieces of Black Cardstock (24 sheet bulk pack $14.50) #1386  $2.40
- (3) pieces of White Daisy Cardstock (24 sheet bulk pack $9.50) #13.85  $1.20

Additional Supplies and tools used: 

- Marvy Uchida LePen Journaling Pen #Z1979 $3.25
- Touch Twin Marker Marigold #Z2457 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Golden Yellow #Z2452 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Vivid Green #Z2466 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Peacock Green #Z2461 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Turquoise Blue #Z2464 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Marine Blue #Z2458 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Peony Purple #Z2462 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Tender Pink #Z2464 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Cherry Pink #Z2450 $5.95
- Touch Twin Marker Carmine #Z2448 $5.95
- 3-D Foam Tape #Z1151 $5.95

**Insert THRIFTY PLUG!** 

Did you notice that the cost of the Consumable supplies (consumable supplies are supplies you 'use up' - not tools or items that you can re-use) are LESS than $46?! (not including tax and shipping)! That means your (48) cards cost you less than $1 each! HA! Take that Hallmark! Whoop! 

 Okay...back on track...Also Remember, joining my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team gets you unlimited access to my complete files library FOR FREE! I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to serve my team by offering pre-designed works and custom cutting guides to help support their own businesses! Click HERE to read more about why there has NEVER been a better time to join the Close to My Heart Family! :) 

If you have never purchased my workshop packages before and you'd like to understand them better (and learn how they can benefit a hobby crafter OR a CTMH Consultant's own business) you are invited to watch the video below (Showcasing my 'Happy Times' Workshop - a previous workshop I created and still have in my inventory if you'd like to purchase)...it will talk in detail about how my workshops can be beneficial to both Hobby Crafters as well as Close to My Heart Consultants. :)

Remember, while you are shopping for your 'Create Kindness' workshop supplies check out the Blog Post for my 'Adventure Fundamentals' (18) page Scrapbooking workshop (above photo) so you can use up the entire paper collection! Click HERE to see the original Blog Post!  

I think that wraps it up for today! Please remember that I am available for questions anytime! Shout at me, it will be a Joy to visit with you!  

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As previously mentioned - Here is the video I created for my Happy Times workshop (still in my inventory if you'd like to purchase)...it will talk in depth regarding my workshop packages! 

Thank you for joining me today, you are a Blessing to me!


  1. Thanks Susan! Just place my order for your Adventure layouts and card kit. Karen Hoffman. My email is ahoffman@grics.net

  2. Honest to God, every time I see your stuff, it makes me happy. You are a truly gifted artist! Thank you for the bright rays of sunshine and inspiration.

  3. Pleasae send me your email account for paypal and I will send $25 for the instructions for the 48 cards? Thank you