Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I was Crushed....

Yes, as I've mentioned before in THIS POST I was Totally Crushed with the Announcement of Close to My Heart's 'My Crush' Product Line.  You see, I was burdened with hearing others say "That's not REAL Scrapbooking" or "I'll NEVER use THAT kind of book"....it really had me discouraged! 

Reluctantly, I needed to bump up one of my orders and the Crush line was really the only thing I had not purchased yet....so I added them.  I can not even explain how EXCITED  I felt when I took the plastic off my Modville Crush Book....Oh my Word! It was STUNNING! Just Stunning! Girls, these are some of Close to My Heart's Best - Most Beautifully designed papers EVER! Isn't it wonderful when First Impressions aren't correct?! LOVE IT!!!!!

Still....I was so unfamiliar with 'this' kind of memory keeping...I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I put my thinking cap on....what WAS I good at? How COULD I make these work for me, AND my customers? The pages were a bit too small for traditional 12X12 layouts (although I do think it could work and I plan to try it with my BlueBird Crush Book soon)....Cards! Cards I'm good at! Let's Cut this puppy up!!

And, so...the  'My Crush' Card Collection was born! I began cutting and embellishing and the most ADORABLE (and super trendy) cards were born!

Then I thought, why not make this into a workshop for my customers?! Now, I had NO idea the undertaking creating a cutting guide really was! WOW! Many Headaches and Tears but the kinks have been worked out (after the testing by some very Darling Guinea Pigs)and It's ready to begin flying out the door! 

This workshop uses 16 of the 30 pages in the 'My Crush' Book.  Of those 16 pages I created 15 unique cards with FULLY Decorated insides! So....(thrifty mindset) if you decided not to decorate the insides you could easily create 30 CARDS only using the 16 pages! But wait...you still have 14 pages LEFT IN THE BOOK! See where this is going? See what an INCREDIBLE value this can be for you! And what Fun!

How can YOU get your hands on all of my paperwork to create your own Crush Cards? So Simple! Place a $20 order (**Price Lowered Dec 5, 2013**)  on my Close to My Heart Website (by bumping up to $50 you can STILL get ahold of the Traditional Stamp of the Month promotion) and upon request I will gladly email you the cutting guide and the photos of the completed cards to assist you with assembly.  I have worked many many hours on this project and I do hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! 

For those of you who will be shopping for supplies to complete your Crush Cards please take a peek at the product list below. :) 

Required Products:
My Crush Modville Book   Z1855
My Crush Besties Assortment Z1886
My Crush Best Day Ever Assortment Z1887
Colonial White Card Value Pack X1410
White Daisy Card Value Pack X254
Standard Tool Kit; Adhesive, Glue Dots, Scissors, Paper Trimmer, & Piercing Tool (the piercing tool is VERY helpful when adhering adhesive backed embellishments). 

* Both the Colonial White & White Daisy Card Value Packs are NOT required to complete this workshop! I used both because some of the Crush pages/assortments have a White Daisy Base and some have a Colonial White Base....I am very "matchy matchy" and do not like to mix my whites...I just want you to be aware so there are no surprises after you get your order and you're ready to sit down and create! :)

Optional Products:

Mid Town Cork Shapes  Z1863                 
Keyboard Kraft Alphabet  Z1825          
Tiny Type Epoxy Alphabet  Z1835          
Black Shimmer Trim  Z1809                         
Lagoon Washi Tape  Z1850                          
Slate Washi Tape  Z1817                              
Slate Twist Ties  Z1864                                             
Durables Artisan Studs  Z1816                         
Aqua Dots  Z1853                                                           
Base & Bling Word Accents  Z1882          
Pro Player  Assortment  Z1879           
Desert Sad Distress Ink  Z2118      
Distress Sponge  Z697

* The list of optional products are all of the products that I used in my card collection, they are not required, in fact I encourage you to create something that screams 'YOU'! Do your own thing! You are welcome to use anything you have in your stash!! I look forward to seeing many of your card creations shortly!! :)  

If you would like to get your hands on my Crush Workshop Documents just place an order for $20 (any $20 order, it does not have to be product on either of these lists) from my Close to My Heart Shopping Website and email me telling me YOU WANT CRUSH! :) 

Close to My Heart Consultants; Email me to find out how you can offer this workshop to YOUR customers, increasing sales and commissions for yourself! :)

I'm so excited to finally be offering this workshop to you!
Blessings Friends! Sus


  1. Brilliant as always, Susan! You will succeed no matter what roadblocks are put up in front of you! :)

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! ALWAYS love your stuff :0)

  3. Very neat idea. I'm interested in this for my nieces, they would love these. Please contact me with the consultant option.
    Thank you,

    1. Patty, can you email me at sus-williams@hotmail.com please....I didn't see a way to contact you in your profile. :) Thank you!

  4. Hi Susan I did send you an e-mail last night. Do you think it might be in your spam?
    I will resend it now.
    Thanks much,

    1. Good Morning Patty, I'm sorry I did not get any messages...:( I check my spam as often as I do my inbox because many of my CTMH mail seems to go into the junk folder...I do not find anything from you. If you would like to post your email address here I will be glad to contact you and then delete the comment so your address isn't able to be seen on my blog. :)

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  6. I missed this until now. What a GREAT idea!