Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Look at Zoe!

Have you ordered your Pre-Cut ZOE Kit yet? 

Did you miss my original Post? CLICK HERE to see each project in detail as well as specific information about this kit! 

You can also find the Paypal ordering link near the bottom of the post! 

Have look at my video to view each project up close and here more information regarding the structuring and packaging of my kits and recipe sheet! 

Thank you for joining me today! I'm so Grateful for you stopping by! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Such a Comical Experience...!

Last Friday I had another comical experience! As you may or may not know I live in a very rural town of under 1,000 people. I was born, raised, and we are currently raising our family in our Beloved little Osceola. 

When you walk into to the bank, the grocery store, or the convenience store they know you by name and often ask about your family or other things going on in your life.  Over the past couple of years as many of my fellow Osceola peeps have watched (via Facebook as well as my interaction with them personally) with the help of my CTMH mentors, team member, customers, family, and friends I have worked my tail off and reached some CRAZY AWESOME Accomplishments while being a part of Close to My Heart! 

While I suppose we don't really need the 'approval' of others to see our own personal successes it really does feel good to hear people tell you they are proud of how hard you are working. Over the past couple of years I've heard things like "So, our small town girl is making a splash, huh?" and "I Guess you're proving them wrong when they say Small Town girls can't get anywhere with direct selling!" It's a total Hoot to walk into the grocery store and hear someone in our community say that to me! 

Friday someone walked up to me and said "So, I heard you're going on another 'free' vacation, huh?" I said "I sure am!" (with a Big Smile) He then said with his nose turned up "So you really make money doin' that 'scrapbook playin' or whatever it is...they really PAY you, like 'real' money?!" Me again with a Big Smile "Yes, Sir they sure do!" Him again (with an eyebrow raised) "And just what does your Husband think about what you're doin'? I said "Well, I guess he likes it just fine! LOL Ask him how he enjoyed going to Hawaii a few months ago for 'free'! And ask him if he's looking forward to our 'free' Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in March while you're at it!" He grumbled and walked away. You could not wipe the Smile off my face! It's STILL Comical hearing other's disbelief! 

Friends, the fact of the matter is...

* You really CAN be successful no matter Where you live or how isolated you might feel due to your location. 

* You really CAN be successful WHILE you work your 'full time' job. 

* You really CAN put 'real' (still giggling) money into your pocket (none of that Monopoly Money the 'other companies are apparently giving out...still giggling) 

* You really CAN be successful while keeping up with your husband and young kiddos.

* You really CAN contribute a substantial amount to your family budget based on how hard you are willing to work. (I'm not  just talking about a 'dinner out' once a month, I'm talking about paying a mortgage or saving for your kiddo's college...I'm talking about a SUBSTANTIAL income that many times is higher than 'full time' income! You can even earn online! (Hello Pajamas?!) 

* You really CAN earn Incentive Trips paid for by Close to My Heart! (Yes, even small town girls CAN!) The Earning period for the 2017 Incentive trip to the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico All-Inclusive Resort Starts October 1st!!

* You really CAN experience all of this and so much more! 

You see, 'Back then' I thought I was purchasing a Box full of really Great Scrapbooking Supplies at a CRAZY AWESOME Discount.  What I actually purchased grew into a LIFE CHANGING Opportunity and it could happen to you too! 

If you've ever wanted to join me, NOW is the time! This (very) informal video was quickly filmed on my lunch break with my phone on the floor of my office (Hey, a girl's only got 24 hours in a day! LOL) So excuse the 'badly in need of a mani' hands and the exhaustion sound in my voice and CHECK OUT the box of CRAZY AWESOME Products! Whoop! 

You can Join Close to My Heart for a Box of Great Scrapbooking Supplies at a CRAZY AWESOME Discount OR you can join Close to My Heart for a Life Changing Experience...the choice is yours, you're a Winner Either way! :) 

Message me your questions, I am always happy to visit! You can contact me at any of the following avenues:

Facebook Business Page:  

Thank you so much much for joining me today, you are a Blessing to me! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

*TODAY ONLY* Buy (3) Card Kits get the 4th Free!

That's Right! Today Only! When you purchase (3) of my Pre-cut Card kits (all can be found in the left sidebar of this blog page....yes - just look to the left of this screen!) you will receive the 4th Kit for FREE! 

You may choose any combination of kits and the 4th/Free kit will be of equal or lesser value! 

Mix & Match! Grab a few for gifts! They are a great price already so grab them today while you can receive additional savings!

Just EMAIL ME  HERE to place your order and I'll get a paypal invoice to you right away! :)  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So Many Early Released Products!

I'm so EXCITED! So many of you have already ordered many of these early released Products! Don't Delay! 

And remember...When you place your $50 order in August I will send you BOTH of the Brand New Idea Books FREE! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Studio Sus 'Zoe' Workshop with Cutting Guide & e-files!

The Zoe has ARRIVED! Whoop! Oh my WORD I am SO EXCITED about this Brand New Idea Book Cycle! It is FILLED with such Great Products! I can hardly wait to show you what I have going on! EECK!! 

Isn't it Preeeeeeety?! I just LOVE how it turned out! 

This Workshop will Create (8) 12" X 12" Scrapbook Pages using the 'Early Released' Zoe Paper Collection! 

And WAIT til you see the Folding Photo Galleries! They are FABULOUS! :) 

Here are each of the Layouts in detail...

Layout #1

Here is an upclose look at the folding photo galleries! I just LOOOOOOVE this element! 

Layout #2

Layout #3

This Layout has (2) single folding Photo Galleries....SO CUTE! It is my FAVORITE Technique EVER! and what a Fun Surprise while browsing an album! :)

Layout folding galleries on this one, it will fly together in a snap! :)

Just like  my previous workshop packages, I will send the files and cutting guide via email to my customers ordering the workshop supplies from my CTMH Shopping website.

These are files from a previous workshop as I have not yet had the opportunity to print/photograph the Zoe Files! But, As you can see, they are very detailed, professional, as well as colorful and easy to read. 

The entire set of files include; 
- Zoe Welcome Letter/Cover Sheet
- Zoe 18 page color cutting guide 
- Zoe 'The Rest of the Story' 
(Photo suggestions, additional notes and tips to assist with workshop completion) 
- Zoe Layout #1, #2, #3, and #4 (detailed color photos of each of the completed layouts for assembly assistance) 
- Picture tutorials of 'Creating Folding Photo Galleries', and 'Altering a Page Protector' to show you how to create the Folding Galleries with ease! 

Consultants receiving this workshop will also receive...
- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information
(Supply List, suggested coordinating 'up sell' items, etc.) 

Customers purchasing the supplies on my WEBSITE will receive the files via email upon my notification of their order. 

Zoe Workshop Supply List;

- Zoe Paper Pack X7197B $9.95
- Zoe Complements  X7197C  $5.95
- Enamel & Glitter Duos Green Triangles Z3123 $4.95
- Glacier Thick Twine Z3039  $3.95
- (10) Pieces of Kraft Cardstock (24 sheets #Z1375 $9.50) 
- (3) Pieces of White Daisy Cardstock (24 sheets #1385 $9.50)
- (1) sheet of White Daisy is optional (used for adjusted sizes of journaling spaces, title spaces, and backing of vellum Complements images - if preferred.) 

I also used the following alphabet stamp sets that will be released September 1st for purchase. I encourage you to grab your favorite Alphabet stamp set already in your stash to create these titles right away or use your favorite Cricut font! 

- Typography Alphabet Stamp set #E1032 $29.95
- Jennifer's Hand Alphabet Stamp set #B1484 $9.95 

Also Remember, joining my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team gets you unlimited access to my complete files library FOR FREE! The Zoe Workshop is a 'Freebie' but usually I require a small qualifying order to be placed on my Website in order for a fellow CTMH Consultant to receive my files and be able to utilize them for their own business! However my TEAM MEMBERS will always receive them for free! I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to serve my team by offering pre-designed works and custom cutting guides to help support their own businesses! 

If you have never purchased my workshop packages before and you'd like to understand them better (and learn how they can benefit a hobby crafter OR a CTMH Consultant's own business) you are invited to watch the video will talk in detail about how my workshops can be beneficial to both Hobby Crafters as well as Close to My Heart  Consultants. :)

If you are shopping for the Zoe Workshop supplies I encourage you to take a peek over in the right side bar here on my blog to see the other workshops I have available! The Supplies for the featured workshops are currently 'While Supplies Last' and will be officially retired August 31st or when the stock is depleted so don't' delay! Each post includes a supply list so you can be sure to order the correct products to be ready to complete the workshop(s) as soon as your order arrives!

Any customer placing an order of $50 from my WEBSITE during August will receive the BRAND NEW 2015-2016 Annual Inspirations Idea Book as well as the BRAND NEW 2015 Holiday Expressions Booklet FREE in the mail from me! 

And don't forget...when you place an order of $50 you can purchase the August Stamp of the Month for only $5!  Isn't it CUTE?! And for only $5! That's a savings of $12.95! 

The August Stamp of the month also coordinates with our BRAND NEW (Early Released) Cricut 'Artistry' Collection! YIKES! It is Fabulous! I've only begun playing with it and I am in Heaven! 

There is just ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS happening over here at Close to My Heart! Would you love to get your hands on every single one of these promotions...each and every month? 

It has never been easier?! You can become a Close to My Heart Consultant for only $129! Your $129 will get you a kit containing over $450 in Products! UNREAL! 

Joining my Team (and getting all of it's perks - including monthly Team Challenge Incentives, full access to my Files library, etc. etc. ) is as simple as a click of a button! 

To Learn more about joining my team and to see the List of products contained in the Brand New Consultant Kit GO HERE! 

And Seriously if I have not blown your mind already - here's one more August Promotion! It's a GREAT one! 

When you order either (or both) of the Brand New (Early Released) Roll up Organizers you will receive what we love the most - FREE PRODUCTS! 

Order the Accessory Roll-up Organizer and you will receive (2) of our New Base & Bling Style Sheets for FREE! Use them with our Base & Bling Line OR incorporate them right into your Memory Keeping or Cardmaking! SCORE! 

When you order the Market Roll-up Organizer you will receive the 'Balloon Wishes' Stamp Set for FREE! It's a Perfect set to really show off your MAD MARKER Coloring Skills! 

You will find even more information on these Campaigns HERE on my Website! 

Okay...Back to that Video we talked about! This Video is covering an older Workshop (Still available - hurry to grab your supplies before they are sold out!) but the concepts are the same, I hope you enjoy it and it's informative for you! 

Thank you for joining me again today, you are a Blessing to me! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Zoe Pre-Cut/Pre-Stamped 'Workshop In a Bag' Kits!

Annnnnnd the 'Zoe' is in DA HOUSE! Whoop! 

How CUTE are these?! 

Who is Zoe you might ask?! 

Close to My Heart has slightly changed the time frame in which they debut our Idea Books! Since this change has moved the release date of our 2015-2016 Annual Inspirations Idea Book back to September 1st we have been given an early Release  of the ZOE collection for August!! 

You will notice that the Zoe products and many of the coordinating accessories have been made available for order today! Whoop!! (link to my shopping website here!) 

Did you also notice something else NEW about the artwork featured in this post!? Yes! We have a BRAND NEW Cricut Collection! And even better than that...? The Brand New 'ARTISTRY' Cricut Collection is available for order TODAY!

Link to order the Cartridge is HERE! 

And did I also mention the Cricut Collection even comes with a package of cardstock featuring the Newly Enhanced 'Enchanted' Color Pallet - Featuring the (7) Brand New Colors! That calls for another Whoop!! 

I am SO excited to begin playing with so many New Products!! back on track with the Zoe Pre-Cut Kit! (I have SOOO Much information to fit into this post it's hard to stay on task!) 

I had a Blast working with this new paper collection! I was able to incorporate use of the Artistry Cricut Cartridge into each and every one of these projects and I think they turned out SO CUTE! 

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Here's the layout...cute, huh? Simple and clean, just my style! 

And here are are the photos of the Card Projects!

Isn't that the cutest little pile of Birthday gifts? It's one of the 700 Images featured on the New cartridge. :)

This card is so Bright and cheerful, isn't it? How CUTE is that sentiment?! It comes from one of the (3) Stamp sets featured Exclusively with the Artistry Cricut Collection! I Love it! and no Fussy Cutting whatsoever! I just stamped right on top of the Cricut-cut Image! Sa-weet!

And How Simple and Sweet is this little 'Hello' Card?!  I LOVE it! The Cocoa colored 'Hello', the Glacier Striped overlay, and the sorbet polka dot solid 'base' are all cut from the Artistry Cartridge! SO QUICK, yet so Cute! :)

Another Simplistic Card! The Cocoa and Sorbet Cardstock 'Bases' as well as the White (Stamped) Overlay are all from the Artistry Cartridge as well. :) 

Would you believe I'm offering these kits for only $20?! I have done all the hard work for you! Everything will come Pre-Cut and Pre-Stamped so you can simply sit and enjoy creating without all of the 'work'. You can find the paypal link at the bottom of this post to purchase yours today! :)

EMAIL ME or MESSAGE ME over at my Business Facebook Page if you should have additional questions not covered in this post! I am always happy to assist! :)

The Kits come in New - reusable zip top bags ready for you to dig into! You will also find  step by step directions and color photos of each project to assist with assembly. Each project also has it's own 'recipe' with cutting sizes as well as cricut measurements so you can easily duplicate the projects! 

The recipe sheet will be emailed (during the next few days - I'm putting the 'finishing touches' on it) so you have a digital copy (no hard copies will be mailed). If you'd like the recipe sheet sent to an email address DIFFERENT than the email address associated with your paypal payment please place the CORRECT email address in the 'notes to the seller' box during your checkout. 

Showing a previous Kit for reference since I do not have the Zoe Kits photographed yet. :)

I also have a few more Pre-Cut Pre-Stamped kits using Close to My Heart's 'Confetti Wishes' Collection! Take advantage of a Great Combined shipping discount by grabbing it at the same time....see my original blog post HERE! 

 I said I had Tons to Cover in this post (and I wasn't kidding!) 

August also means I get to debut my Brand New STUDIO SUS 'Zoe' Workshop! I am SO EXCITED! Here is a Quick look at the Layouts! 

This workshop features (4) Folding Photo will be such an 'eye catcher' in your album! I am so Excited to have a Big Long post for you tomorrow featuring my newest Workshop!

If you are a Current Close to My Heart Consultant I am happy to send you the files for this workshop as a gift! Please contact me to request your copy.  

Additionally, ALL of my team members (including all levels of my downline) always have unlimited access to ANY of my Workshop Files! Yes - you understand correctly! Every Workshop with Files, Cutting Guides, Recipe Sheets, etc. etc. etc. are all uploaded in my Private 'Just Crazy Blessed' Team Facebook Page for their use with their own business!! 

Have you ever thought about joining Close to My Heart? Did you know there is room for you on my team whether you wish to be a Hobby Crafter or a Business Builder who earns incentive trips and makes REAL income while crafting?! 

Well, TODAY, August 1st  debuts a BRAND NEW, redesigned Consultant Kit with All new products! YAY! have CHOICES! 

The Standard New Consultant kit (pictured above) is priced at $129 with a Value of $455.  See FULL list of contents and Join my Team at this LINK! 

Did you know you might even qualify for the exclusive 're join' campaign this month?!  If you joined Close to My Heart any time since January 2013 and it's been at least 3 months since your official 'drop' date YOU are eligible to join Close to My Heart in August for only $49! Be sure to watch your email for a special message from Close to My Heart with all the details! 

CRAZINESS I know! Why not come aboard and join us?! I have some Fantastic Team Incentives going on ALREADY! Come on! What are you waiting on? We would love to have you a part of our family! 

Okay...remember that Kit I mentioned 3 years ago...WAY up at the top of this post?! (LOL)  Here is that Paypal Link I mentioned! You can check out right here!

You can also purchase the FILES ONLY ($4) at this link below.

I also want to share a video I created for the Zoe Pre-Cut Kit, it might help you understand the structure of the kits as well as how they are packaged,  information on the recipe sheet, etc. :) 

I will be checking my messages most of the day today so feel welcome to send me questions, I am always happy to assist! Blessings for a Joyous Day Friends!