Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Happy Times' Workshop with Cutting Files!

I have been SO EXCITED to share this workshop with you! This Paper Collection is Spectacular - AND it's only Available for a limited time! 

You heard me right...this paper Collection is a May 2016 Exclusive! If you're a Close to My Heart Consultant then, like me, you've been enjoying this paper for a while! 

I think this workshop turned out so perfectly and I'm so excited to share it! 

Whatcha think about the Butchered up version? :)

Here they are before the paper trimmer got involved! There are (14) sheets included in this collection, 4 of which have Gold foil print! They are heavenly!

As pretty as it started, I still love the butchered version even better! 

This workshop creates (14) 12" X 12" Scrapbook pages and (20) Bonus cards! (2 sets of 10 cards) 

Here are the projects up close! 

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3

Layout #4

Layout #5

Layout #6

Layout #7

I was also able to create 2 sets of (10) bonus cards for a total of 20! 

Bonus Card set 'A'

I absolutely LOVE the flamingos featured on these cards! Here are a few upclose! 

Here is Bonus Card set 'B'

Here are a couple upclose!

I think these projects turned out SO GREAT! I hope you like them as well! 

Just like my previous workshop packages, I will send the files and cutting guide via email to my customers ordering the workshop supplies (see supply list below) from my CTMH Shopping Website 

I spend Hours and Hours (Days and Days) working on my files and I am super proud of them! As you can see, they are both professional as well as easy to read.

The entire set of files include;

- 'Happy Times' Welcome Letter/Cover Sheet
- 'Happy Times' 15 Page Cutting Guide 
- 'Happy Times' Picture My Life Card Reference List
- 'Happy Times' 'The Rest of the Story' (Photo Suggestions, Additional Notes & Tips to assist with Workshop Completion) 
- Bonus Cards 'A' & 'B' Stamping Reference
- Detailed Color Photos of Each of the 14 Pages and 14 Bonus Cards

Fellow Close to My Heart Consultants are also welcome to order these files to use in support of their own business! Yes, this means you can copy/print/distribute these files to your own customers and hold your own events using my designs and files! 

Close to My Heart Consultants may place any order of $25 on my CTMH Shopping Website to qualify to receive the files for free! 

Close to My Heart Consultants who live OUTSIDE the United States are invited to EMAIL ME to discuss their option of purchasing the files to use for their own business! 

Consultants receiving this workshop will also receive...
- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information
(Supply List, suggested coordinating 'up sell' items, etc.) 

Supply List;
 -     'Happy Times' (May 2016 Exclusive) Paper pack #CC1063 FREE with $60 purchase
-      Whimsy Fundamentals Stickers  #Z3165 $6.95
-      Whisper Twine  #Z3095  $3.95
-      Silver Shimmer Trim  #Z1799  $4.95  
-      Bling Gold Gems  #Z2023  $3.95
-      Florence Sequins  #Z3213  $3.95
-      Picture My Life - Gold/Silver Overlay Cards #Z3144  $9.95
-       (16) pieces of Cocoa Cardstock (24 sheet bulk pack $14.50) #X5642  $9.60
-       (10) pieces of White Daisy Cardstock (24 sheet bulk pack $9.50)  #1385 $ 4.00

Supply List for Bonus Cards;

-      Cut Above Jubilee Card Kit #Z3223 $10.95 * Only needed for Bonus Card set 'A'
-      Cut Above Fiesta Card Kit #Z3222 $10.95* Only needed for Bonus Card set 'B'
-      'Tickled Pink' Stamp set #C1651  $13.95 * Only needed for bonus Card set 'A'
-     'Tickled Pink' Thin Cuts (optional) #C1644  $13.95 * Only needed for bonus Card set 'A'
-      'Beyond  Awesome' Stamp Set  #C1644  $13.95 *Only needed for bonus Card set 'B'

I especially Love the stamp sets used with both sets of Bonus Cards! 

Bonus Cards set 'A' use the New 'Tickled Pink' Stamps and Thin cuts dies! They are to 'die' for! :) 

Bonus Card set 'B' uses the 'Beyond Awesome' Stamp set

Also Remember, joining my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team gets you unlimited access to my complete files library FOR FREE! I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to serve my team by offering pre-designed works and custom cutting guides to help support their own businesses! Click HERE to read more about why there has NEVER been a better time to join the Close to My Heart Family! :) 

If you have never purchased my workshop packages before and you'd like to understand them better (and learn how they can benefit a hobby crafter OR a CTMH Consultant's own business) you are invited to watch the video will talk in detail about how my workshops can be beneficial to both Hobby Crafters as well as Close to My Heart Consultants. :)

Remember, most importantly....The 'Happy Times' Paper collection is ONLY Available May 2016 and it is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST so place your order early, once it's gone it's gone forever! 

Please also remember that I am available for questions anytime! Shout at me, it will be a Joy to visit with you!  

Here is a quick video I created for a previous will talk in depth regarding my workshop packages! 

Thank you for joining me today! You are a Blessing! :) 

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