Friday, September 27, 2013

A Sweet Artiste Matchbox!

Okay, so you already know I'm TOTALLY on a SARITA kick right now! Of all the 3-D projects I've created the past few months this takes the CAKE!....errr....Nuggets! It takes the NUGGETS, not cake!! 

I Love the Hershey Nuggets! Well, I actually don't love to EAT them, but I REALLY love to create with them! it's my buds who love to EAT THEM! :) Did you know that they are the easiest thing to 'pretty up'?! Yeah! Just a 1" X 3" piece of (scrap) piece of paper (or cardstock) and a bit of adhesive is all it takes!  Here is another project & Tutorial I did not long ago using the Hershey Nuggets! Unfortunately the kit is sold out but you can still enjoy the artwork and tutorial! :)

Alright...getting down to business! Have you ever created the Matchbox cut from the CTMH Cricut Artiste Collection

It is the most darling little box ever! and SO EASY! My favorite size to cut is at 4.25"....why, you ask? First of all, my thriftiness always kicks's the perfect size to get (2) to a page of Cardstock! That's that size you can cut (2) Box cuts on 1 piece and (2) 'Slide wrap' Cuts on 1 piece.  (I have no idea what the technical terms are for those, that's 'Studio Sus' language) So...getting (2) full boxes from (2) different patterned (if desired) sheets of cardstock is always a great thing, and second, this size is PERFECT for (9) Hershey Nuggets!! Did I mention I love them? Okay..moving on! 

I mean, cute is that?! Don't tell me you wouldn't love to come to work and see this pretty little package sitting on your desk?! :) 

So, I cut my box from Outdoor Denim Cardstock and wanted a coordinating B&T Cardstock for my 'Wrap'....I love the Aztec-ish Damask (yes, that is really how I refer to it) Bright print from the Sarita MyReflections kit! 

Now, I did sit and ponder for a bit what to do with the top....luckily...some GENIUS at Close to My Heart thought it would be a fantastic idea to create MATCHING TEXTILES! 

Um...YES, Please! I created a Darling Rosette type cluster and adhered it to the top of my box! This technique is SO SUPER SIMPLE! In fact I have a tutorial on how to create it  included with my latest Sarita True-Fit Folio Workshop.....if you have not read my previous posts concerning this workshop CLICK HERE to see what I am offering for the small price of $20 plus shipping to you. :)  Can you tell my mind is wandering today? So...I created my cluster of fabric and adhered one of the Gems from the Teal Base & Bling Collection to the top! and OF COURSE you see again my very favorite embellishment CTMH offers....threads from my Burlap Ribbon!
I needed a sentiment and grabbed my stamp sets that are included with my Artiste Bundle (Yes, there are 3 stamp sets included as well as 3 packages of chipboard...all with coordinating cricut images!) 

My favorite stamp image from the Artiste Bundle is the 'Hope your Birthday's as Sweet as You'! Sweet....Chocolate...Who's Cleaver now? :) 

Okay, so maybe my matchbox it isn't as obnoxiously Wonderful as I let on but Hey, we're allowed to LOVE our own art, right?!  

I love the my Artiste Cartridge, I hope you love yours! Before I go I'll share a few older Matchboxes that I had loaded onto my computer. :) 

Here is one from Christmas Last year....:) 

And here's another one from one of my January 2013 Workshops.....

Inspiration from Jody Gustafson

I actually cut a transparency for the slide on this one so you could see the stamped Nuggets inside! :)

Thank you for Joining me again today! It Just BLESSES MY SOCKS OFF when you show up!

Happy Friday Everyone! Sus

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sarita Love!

Okay, I might be a Bit Addicted to this Collection! Sarita, Be still my Heart! 

This paper Kit has the BEST Colors Ever! It is so versatile! I've been seeing Halloween Layouts using this paper posted everywhere! Hum, Who would've thought?! :) 

For me, the Bright, Boldness of this kit just speaks my language! I love the Outdoor Denim & Lagoon pattern...flip that sheet over and WHOA! The Aztec-ish Damask is FANTASTIC! Love the Oranges, the Purple, the patterns...oh heck, I love it all! I've butchered up 4 full packs already just fiddling in my studio! 

Of course, you already know this is a total re-make of the Sarita Workshop on the Go! I just added a few of my Favorite things! :) 

I think of all of the Workshop on the Go Stamp sets I've had the joy of playing with thus far, this one outweighs them all! It is SUCH a fabulous set! Okay, and I might be a smidge obsessed with the Washi Tape stamp images in this set! In fact, I have designed a Fantastic (4) Layout Workshop using the Sartia Workshop on the Go Kit and one layout is focused totally on the Washi Tape Images!

The Sarita Workshop that I have put together will be available shortly...I'm in the works of finishing the custom cutting guide as well as a few other documents for you! Oh...did I mention you can place up to 58 Photos among these (4) layouts?! Yes, ma'am! That's what I said! I'm incorporating our Small Flip Flaps Assortment into these pages and they are Fabulous! I honestly can't wait to share this workshop with you! All of my customers placing a minimum qualifying order will receive each document via email for FREE! I am So Excited to share it with you, I can't hardly stand it!

How about that Burlap? The Burlap is MY FAVORITE Embellishment that Close to My Heart Carries at this time! I LOVE it! I do enjoy it in "ribbon" form but my favorite way to use it is to snip the seem on the edges and pull out the strands! They are perfect for threading buttons, tying, or wrapping around your page elements! :)

I tossed in a few of the Round Studs Durables just for good measure! :)

The stamped Images on this page are Just great for Scrapbooking in General...."In Love with Today!" Of course we are! Why else would we put our day down onto paper if we were not completely in love with it, right?! It's just a Perfect Sentiment all the way around! :)

And the Sarita Embellishment Assortment Collection.. ....Perfection! The Wooden Trinkets are just....well, I don't know what they are but I've gone through so many thus far! I also just adore the metal Flourishes that come in the assortment! Spot On CTMH!! Spot On!

I do hope you enjoyed today short post (I know I am SLACKING Big time with posting.....I will Try my best to kick that up a notch or two!) I wanted to show you how easily you can add your own touches to the already beautifully designed art from our Company! 

Stay Tuned for all of my upcoming Workshop Information!

Oh, and don't forget, I still have a few of the Sarita True-Fit Folio Workshop Kits left!  I talked about this workshop in THIS Blog Post! Click for more information! 

This workshop is exciting because we will focus on incorporating iterative elements into our layouts all the while keeping our photos safely under the page protectors! 

We are also talking about Close to My Heart True-Fit Folios! Have you ever noticed them in the Idea Book? Have you ever used them in your Scrapbooking routine? No? Well, this workshop is Perfect for you! 

Here is a photo of the layout with the Folio Closed.....

Here is a Photo with the Folio Open (Don't worry, I will show you exactly how to protect every square inch of your layout!)

Here is a Photo showing the Interactive Journaling Tags....

Please Join me! I am taking orders for this workshop right now! I have almost filled my quota....Please feel free to EMAIL ME to reserve yours! Or if you're a FACEBOOKER You are welcome to 'Like' My Business Page Here to reserve your kit! :)

Thank you for Joining me again, It Just BLESSES my Socks Off! :) Go, Be Wonderful Today! Sus

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sarita True Fit Folio & Textile Workshop

It's Workshop time! Not Local? No Problem! :) 

During this Workshop we will be incorporating into our layout a Close to My Heart True Fit Folio! 

Here is a photo of your layout while the Folio is Closed....

 Here is a Photo of the Layout with the Folio Open....

We will be learning how to safely protect each of our photos on this 4 page layout while adding a few fun interactive elements!

We will also be learning a simple textile technique that requires no sewing whatsoever!

Long Distance Kits are Available! $22 + Shipping

Class fee includes;
Sarita Patterned Paper
Misc. Cardstock Sheets
Full Package of Sarita Assortment Embellishments
Pieces from the Sarita Textiles Collection
(1) True Fit Folio
(3) Close to My Heart Memory Page Protectors
Pre-Cut Cricut Images (*If you desire a different tile CONTACT me, I will be happy to find a replacement suitable for the photos you are wishing to showcase!)
Snacks for the local attendees.

I'd like to thank Lori Marie Allen for her inspiration on this project! Hi Lori!! :)

If you'd like to RSVP via Facebook you can do so HERE

If you should have any questions concerning this, or any other Workshop, Kit, or Project I have been displaying I'd like to invite you to visit with me further by emailing me HERE.  

I am SO APPRECIATIVE you all! 
Blessings, Susan 

** May 21, 2015 Notation** The Above Featured Sarita Kits are no longer in stock, however I do have the cutting files (including tutorials featuring the Fabric Rosettes as well as how to alter a page protector to allow for interactive elements) available! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't forget! The 'Artbooking Made Easy' Video Series can be conveniently viewed under the 'Artbooking Made Easy Video Series' Page tab at the top of my blog! :) Episode #3 has just been posted! :)

Sarita Workshop!

Hi All! 

I'm gearing up for my Fall Class Schedule! First on the list is Mrs. Sarita! We'll be working with her and her Textiles, as well as Close to My Heart True Fit Folios! 

You won't want to miss this Workshop! I'm offering  Long Distance Kits as well! Stay Tuned! :) 

Blessings, Sus

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little more Lola!

I adore this Darling little Artiste Box! How about you?!


I pulled out Ole Trusty Artiste....Okay, so I didn't "pull it out" actually lives in one of my Cricut Machines!  I couldn't believe it but this was my first time using this image...what in the world too me so long?! I love it! It's the perfect size to give...just to brighten a day! It could hold a few candies perfectly!

To Top it off I simply HAD to add some Cricut Flowers! They were the perfect touch! :) These were also cut from the Cricut Artiste Collection at sizes of 3" & 3.5". 

Finally, my favorite part of the entire project is the Black Mini Medley assortment! 

Notice the Sequin Ribbon!? Oh My word! It is Darling! You can see it used HERE on a previous post! :) There are adhesive backed sequins as well as Glitter Buttons & Flourishes! 

You can see how I used the flourishes and sequins on today's project! :) 

I added a small bit of Black Shimmer trim and a couple sparkles from the Black/Grey assortment...and Done!

Thanks for joining me today! 
Blessings, Sus

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Video Tabs!

I am SO APPRECIATIVE of my readers and today  I've just made it easier for you LOVELIES to stay up to date with Close to My Heart Video Releases! 

You will now find convenient page tabs right here on my Blog showcasing CTMH Product Videos & Tutorials as well as a 2nd tab for the Exciting (32 Episode) 'Artbooking Made Easy' Video series that we've just kicked off! 

I am going to continue to load older CTMH videos every few days to build the library! This feature will make it EASY AS CAN BE to reference your favorite videos without ever having to leave my Blog! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Kits are in DA HOUSE!

Hi Girls! 

I wanted to drop in here quickly to let you know I've added 4 new kit designs to my inventory and have several more in the works for this week! :)

You can find them for sale in a number of places....My Facebook Business Page, My Ebay Shop, by simply Commenting on this post or Emailing me! I will be happy to assist you with your order and get it shipped right away! :)

Here are the newest Kits that have been added to my inventory as of this morning! :)

You will find additional-more detailed photos of each kit on Facebook & Ebay! :)

I'll be back soon with some more fabulous Artwork! :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thinking of You, My Friend!

I Love everything about this card! I came together in a SNAP! Okay, so I DID cheat! 

The truth is, It's Heavily inspired by the Card Pattern #22 from the New Make it from your heart Volume #2 Book. (This is a MUST HAVE!)

That Laughing Lola has my heart right now! They are all my FAVORITE colors! I'm a BRIGHT Color girl and I love Black with ANYTHING so this pack was right up my alley! 

One of my favorite parts about this kit is that fact that so many of the colors match our new Base & Bling Jewel Collections! (Squealing with Delight!) 

I used the Teal, Purple, & Pink Collections on this card! Here's a Better look at the collections. :)

I know these were created for our Wearable Crafts line but they are SO VERSATILE! I've been using them like crazy on so many of my papercrafting projects! I am ADORING the addition to our embellishment Assortments! :)

If you have followed me for any time at all you already know I can't leave the inside of a card bare...I just can't do it! :) This has just a little extra color inside to brighten a day! I Love it! 

National Stamping Month also brightens my day! If you didn't catch my earlier blog post (Here) you can see photos of all 3 stamp sets offered in this exclusive campaign! For EVERY $50 purchase (yes...purchase $100 and this offer is available to you twice, and so on...) you can get your hands on these limited-time stamp sets for only $10! (Big Smile) 

And......who doesn't love a little "double dipping"?! For only $5 more your purchase qualifies you to grab the September Stamp of the Month at a Fabulously Discounted Price! These (4) limited-time stamp sets can be yours for a savings of almost $60! Double Whoot!

I don't know about you but I'm knocking out some Christmas gifts this month! WHOOT! 

So Glad you joined me again today! 
I'll see you next time...with BELLS on! :) 
Blessings, Sus

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Spectacular September!

That's right! This month is going to be SPECTACULAR! 

It's National Stamping Month and the Specials offered by Close to My Heart Corporate are Top Notch!! 

Throughout the Month of September you have the opportunity to get your hands on the 'You Are My Happy' Trio of Stamp sets for only $10! (Whoa!) For Every $50 you spend you can purchase 3 of the most DARLING stamp sets for only $10! Order $100 and get 6 sets!  (Did someone say Christmas Shopping in September?)

Here's a Better look! :) 

You will receive an uppercase as well as lowercase Alphabet...complete with numbers and a few symbols....

Fantastic Images....and do you notice the measurements and page numbers next to many of the images on the carrier sheet?? already know what that means! No fussy cutting those! All of you who already own the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Collection have the coordinating cartridge to do all the hard work for you! (Big SMILE)

And, how about these ADORABLE Sentiments? 

I am SO IN LOVE with these stamps! They are so perfect for Layouts, Cards, and Gift Giving Projects!! I can't believe I have had them in my hands for a while and haven't inked even ONE of them! I've been neck deep in my newest 'MY CRUSH' Project that I haven't had even one opportunity to play with them!  (I can't WAIT to share my Project with you!)

The Best part? I know many of my ladies love taking advantage of the 'Stamp of the month' campaigns each and every month.....Did you know that your $50 purchase to get the Stamp trio can also be used to get your September Stamp of the Month? YES! They are allowing "Double Dipping"!! EXCITING! 

Your $50 qualifying purchase will get you the September Stamp of the Month for only $5! Girls...That's 4 Full Sized Stamp Sets for only $15! (WHATTT???!)

This Month is RIDICULOUSLY full of Specials! It really is amazing how your dollars spent really work in your favor just by shopping with Close to My Heart! :) 

September is a PERFECT time to get your hands on the New Cricut Artbooking Collection! Your purchase will qualify you for multiple sets of the Stamp Specials this month! (Whoot!) 

Close to My Heart announced a 32 Video Series on the Artbooking Collection a few months ago....The Introductory Video has been released and I'd love to share it with you now! :) 

Thank you for Joining me friends!!