Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ruffled Ribbon Tutorial

Yesterday I shared this Layout with you, I also promised to share with you a short tutorial on how easily I created the Ruffled Slate Satin Polka-Dot Ribbon on the left and right pages. 

I am a girl of my word so here goes....Now, first thing's first, please be gentle with  your critiquing, I am only a week old in the Blogging world and my photography skills are in need of some MAJOR intervention...did I also mention the photos were taken with my older-than-dirt mobile phone?! 

Hopefully, all things aside, you can see how fun and easy these ruffles are to create.

Each ruffle will  need it's own cardstock base.  For my layout I needed a 3"  section as well as a 12" section.  I cut both base pieces at 1" wide leaving me with cardstock pieces measuring 1" X 12" and 1" X 3".

Using a DRY adhesive (Tombow, ATG, Sticky strip/Red Tape, etc.) cover your base pieces entirely.

You will need to trim your ribbon to equal DOUBLE the length of your base pieces + 1".   This gives you 2" per every 1" of base length plus 1/2" on either end to "faux hem".  

My ribbon pieces for this layout measured 25" and 7" in length.

Using a bit of adhesive fold under each end leaving a "pretty" edge (faux hem).  

Next, begin sticking your ribbon onto your base, ruffling it as you go and making sure that you will have enough to stretch the length of the entire base.

Don't fret over it being "just right", you can't  mess it up. :)

Once your ruffle is adhered be sure to smooth over it using pressure to guarantee a good "hold".

Cut your shimmer trim pieces to equal the length of your base pieces + 2".  My shimmer trim pieces were 5" and 14" in length.

Peel off the adhesive backing and leaving 1" on each end of your base while using good pressure give the trim a firm "stick" on top of your ribbon ruffles. 

Flip your base over and adhere the ends of the trim to the backside.  This also helps hold the ruffles into place.  

Add adhesive to the back of your ruffled base and adhere it to your project.  Fluff and adjust the ruffles as desired.  :)

I do hope these instructions were helpful for making ruffles with your ribbon....I have also used these steps with our Textiles and it works so perfectly!

Please leave me a comment if you'd like, I'd love to know if this was helpful in any way.  

Thank you for hanging with me while I get my feet wet with all this techie stuff...I have lots  to learn, I'm so Blessed to have you along the way!

Blessings Dear Friends, Sus


  1. Great, this is makes it so easy to make.

  2. You made it so easy for those of us who are visual :) Thanks!

  3. Great job with the tutorial, gonna have to attempt this one :0)

  4. Great job, love the pics so I can "see" how to do it.

  5. Love it! So simple, even I could try it! ;0)

  6. Love the layout, love the tutorial, love it all!

  7. Thank you Susan. I just shared this nice tutorial with my CTMH upline. Great tutorial! Hugs

  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you All!!

    I am learning, hopefully I can kick it up a notch! Thank you so much for your support, It just makes my day!!!

    Blessings to you all!! :)

  9. What a great tutorial! Your pics were fab!

  10. Great tutorial, very easy to follow. Thanks!

  11. Easy to follow. Keep your older than dirt camera. It works just as well as my $400 piece of junk. ;-)

  12. Great job on your first tutorial! Very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for sharing - now I'm going to have to try it myself!

  13. Thank you all! I'm thrilled that it was easy to understand. Clearly not rocket science but I needed to start with something simple so I didn't lose MYSELF in the process! :) :) Thank you for the comments, it truly Blesses me!

  14. Brilliant - I've ruffled with dry adhesive but it never occurred to me to build it on a CS base. I bet it's a lot sturdier and asier to handle this way. You're so clever!

  15. This is perfect, Susan! Great pics and awesome tips! :) Not bad for a blog newbie...lol! You are really cracking me up. Relax, because you have it covered, I assure you! Your phone did the job just fine. :)

  16. Great tutorial! I've never done it this way before so you taught me something I didn't know. It makes so much sense and seems so easy this way!!

  17. Thank you, thank you thank you......Awesome tutorial :)

  18. Thank you Julie! I'm thrilled that is was helpful!!! :)