Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A SARTIA Sneak Peek!

Okay Kids! Getting Close to August! You already know what that means! I know you can't wait to get your hands on some of these new Gorgeous Goodies!

I'm still workin' my hiney off on a Huge Project....well, actually it's about 50 Different Projects - give or take. :) Here is another one of my Favorites of the Bunch! 

Meet Sarita! Isn't She Lovely? 

Of course she is even better looking in CRICUT ARTISTE Form! :)  I cut this Cute little Matchbox from my Trusty Artiste Cartridge, It holds (9) Nuggets Perfectly! The Stamped Image is also part of the Cricut Artiste Collection...Sometimes I get so excited about the Cartridge that I forget about the Darling Exclusive Stamp sets included in the Bundle! :) 

And Of COURSE, very few projects make it out my door without my MOST FAVORITEST (that IS a word in 'Sus World') Embellishment, the Burlap Ribbon! I love to unravel the threads and use them on my projects!

The Flower is made from the Sarita Textiles....It is 'Over the Moon' Easy! (Tutorials coming soon)! 

The Lagoon Flower in the center is from the new 'Base & Bling' Assortment! WHOOT! (Here is a small taste of 'Base & Bling' Embellishments)

I am So excited about these embellishments....They perfectly adorn any of our paper crafting projects BUT they also are part of the Wearable Crafts Jewelery Line JUST introduced by Close to My Heart! 

Okay.....Nothing like GETTIN' OFF TRACK! Where was I? Oh...yeah...the PAPER! I'm tellin' ya Girls, it's is FABULOUS! The pictures just do NOT do it justice! 

Here is a snap shot of the Pages from the Sarita Workshop on the Go Kit! I LOOOVE these Wooden Embellishments! And did you notice the Extra Cardstock sheets Close to My Heart is now including with our WOTG Kits?! They tossed in a few Gypsy sheets as well as an additional Goldrush Sheet to further stretch our Level 2 Packs! WHOOT! 

If you've known me for anytime at all you already know that I am  CRAZY THRIFTY! I want the MOST for my investment! The New workshop on the Go Kits are an Amazing Bargain! The Sarita Kit in particular is Valued at $39.59 but sells for only $29.95! That's a savings of $9.64! GAAAHHH! That's almost like getting your Level 2 paper Pack Totally Free! 

GIRLS! If you have never given the WOTG Kits a second thought I'd encourage you to do so with this Idea Book! I mean, My goodness, the EXCLUSIVE "D" sized stamp set is Adorable enough all by itself to justify the purchase! :)  Additionally each WOTG Kit includes a step by step assembly and cutting guide...PERFECT for those of us who just aren't feeling especially creative at the moment (which is me plenty of times!), Beginning Paper crafters, or those who just think the WOTG Layouts are JUST CRAZY AWESOME! Like this one below....:) 

Give them a look, you won't be disappointed! :)
I'll see you soon! With more Lovelies to share! 

Blessings, Sus


  1. Why do you do this to me!!? Sarita was not on my wish list. no sir-ey. But now it's numero uno. Thank you very much. the end.

  2. Thank you so much Girls!! and Michelle, it was my favorite from the start and has not budged from that spot thus far! :)

  3. Fantastic shot of the WOTG kit - I might just have to get that one now! :-) Thanks for sharing!