Monday, July 8, 2013

I Lost my Hero...

I'm neglected my blog for a few weeks...I'm so sorry about that, it thrills me to hear someone tell me how much they enjoy my posting!

I'm posting about something personal today...if you are a Facebook friend of mine you have heard me post about this for a week now.  My Heart is still so heavy, you see, we lost our Hero this last week.  

Obituary Photo

My Grandpa had battled courageously against a very rare type of skin cancer for well over 20 years.  He lost that battle last week. I feel broken inside but I do know he rests in heaven with his Jesus at this very minute.  Grandpa was Crazy for Jesus and throughout my entire life I KNEW it was the foundation of his life! He told everyone how much he loved Christ.  

He had suffered such physical pain throughout this battle and I never heard him complain even once, instead praising the God that gave him life. Throughout his battle he'd have good years here and is a photo of my Grandparents and myself at my Little brother's High school graduation in May of 2010.  I never realized - until looking at this photo - how much I resemble my Grandpa. :)

Grandma, Grandpa, Sus - May 2010

He was a very proud man and especially proud of his children and grandchildren.  As I was growing up (lived less than 2 miles from them) I remember thinking that I must be one of his most favorite people in the world because he always asked to spend time with me, often coming over to pick me up to go fishing.  When I got older I realized he treated all of his grandchildren that way. My cousins, siblings, and I say  that kiddos who are not able to experience Grandparents who truly want to invest in the lives of their grandchildren are getting  cheated!

I don't ever remember - even once - turning on the TV! We were always out fishing with Grandpa, baking with Grandma, making play dough saddles to put on our My Little Ponies (Grandpa perfected this - right at the kitchen table), playing Frog soccer, picking up walnuts, "Riding" on the round bales when he moved them to the hay lot with the tractor, or driving (I never told my parents that he was the one who taught me how to drive).  

My sister and I, along with 2 of my youngest cousins, were only a few years apart so we had many sleepovers at Grandma & Grandpa's most Cherished memory was being put to sleep laying across Grandpa's chair with a plastic tractor running over my back...I know it's so silly but it is a memory I will remember the rest of my life. I had lunch with Grandma yesterday after church and took a picture of my beloved Tractors.  They are most likely older than I am and mean so much to me.

He was such an instrumental part of my childhood and I will feel that void for the rest of my life. While I will continue to miss him I rejoice at the thought of seeing him again one day in Heaven because of our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

Rachel, Grandma, Grandpa, Sus, & Ben - May 2010

Robert William Gardner, the only son of Paul Theron and Mildred Fern (Reese) Gardner was born on August 16, 1935 near Collins, Missouri. God called him to his Heavenly Home on July 1, 2013 at Sac-Osage Hospital after a 23 year hard fought battle with cancer. 

Robert attended Ashworth and Rainey grade schools, then Faith Bible Academy at Roach, Missouri. In 1951 he met the love of his life, Bonny Wheeler, at Vista Baptist Church and on August 16, 1955, he married that love. To this happy union God gave two wonderful children, Jeanie Floyd and Lynn Gardner. Robert loved Ford tractors and farming. 

He was employed on the C.L. King Farm for 50 years. He often said he’d always lived within 3 miles of his birthplace. Robert loved helping people even if it was only pulling them up a slick snowy hill. His greatest thrill was to go “Muddin” with grandson Ben Gardner. 

At 6 years of age he accepted Jesus as his Savior and was baptized in the Sac River. In 1955 he was baptized again to join Vista Baptist Church. He loved to serve his Lord if he was needed as Sunday School Secretary, Adult Teacher, hauling children to Bible School, serving as Deacon or telling someone about Jesus. 

He was preceded in death by his parents, Paul and Mildred Gardner. Robert is survived by his wife, Bonny Gardner; daughter, Jeanie (Fred) Floyd; son, Lynn Gardner; grandchildren, Susan (Randy) Williams, Rachel (Jeremy) Rothmayer, Ben Gardner, Robert (Melissa) Floyd, Stacy (David) Rogers, Heidi (Matt) Aton, Heather (Trent) Berry; great grandchildren, Cody Williams, Jay Rothmayer, Rylan Evans, Quinton Rogers, Allie, Sean, Kira and Emma Berry, Cole and Bo Aton; his sister, Luella (Bill) Meloy; nieces, nephews, cousins and many, many friends and neighbors. 

Thanks for listening to me blubber on today...I'll be sure to post something FANTASTICALLY CRAFTY tomorrow! 

Blessings, Sus 


  1. My heart goes out to you, Susan. My husband's Grandpa passed away in December of last year, at 95 years of age. We often talk about how amazing it is to see how many people came from the love that he and Grandma shared. So many of us packed tightly into their little 2 bedroom house, that you had to sit on the floor and hope no one stepped on your hands as they tried to walk through. Such good memories, and I visit his grave nearly every day as I go to our local cemetery to water flowers for my babies and sister-in-law gone too soon. I talk to all of them each time I visit, but they are in my heart with special memories that I hold very dear.

    *Hugs* to my CTMH sister. Your Grandpa is watching over you and smiling.

  2. Casandra, that just Blesses me! Thank you for sharing! Goodness, I didn't realize you had lost children as well, I've so sorry to hear that. I'm not sure time heals all wounds. :( Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it! Hugs, Sus

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, and thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. Sending hugs!

  4. Susan, my heart goes out to you for your loss, and I am glad you can take comfort in God's promises. Big hugs to you for sharing your precious memories with us...not any of which will we ever think of as silly, my friend. Not only are you a wonderful crafter, but a most wonderful granddaughter as well!

  5. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  6. So sorry to hear of your grandpa's passing. <>

  7. Thank you all! It truly Blesses me! I'm sure you all understand how it feels to KNOW you have to get back to regular everyday things but feel like you're grief is getting the best of you no matter how hard you try to get around it. Love you girls....Thank you for loving me! :)

  8. I shared this story with my husband last night, and we cried together. It always amazes me how God brings people together in times of need and how sharing stories makes you realize you are not alone. *Hugs* to you. It will get easier. I let grief swallow me up last summer, but I refuse to let it take hold of me again because I want to live the life that God intended for me. Bless you.

  9. Oh Casandra, Thank you for saying that. I am so sorry for your heartache, I can't imagine losing a child. The thought just breaks my heart into a thousand pieces thinking of what your family has endured. :(