Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Frosted with a little Spin Action!

It's kind of interesting....I really didn't like the Close to My Heart Frosted Paper at all.  At first that is! It seemed pretty Drab to me and I'm more of a LOUD kind of girl! But isn't it strange that once we begin playing with a product our opinion usually changes...? I can safely say it happened to me! :) 

This is my very favorite Project from my Frosted least so far! This card is FABULOUS 'In real life'! 

Besides using one of my 'now favorite' Paper Packs It features another CTMH product I am in Love with (at first sight!)....the Circle Spin Cards! 

These Darling Cards will turn the heads of anyone who sees them! I have created a few others to give this month for Christmas....I've shared them earlier but will re-share for anyone just tuning in. :) 

This one I created using some non traditional Christmas Colors and lots of Black Glitter Paper! 

This next Card has all of the features of the CTMH Spin Cards but I actually made it by hand....the stamp image I wanted to use did not fit very well inside the CTMH card window so I just improvised and created my own! 

It was truly very easy and I have mentioned before that I started a tutorial for making them (then got distracted of course)...I have since had several ladies ask me where I posted my tutorial.  Sadly It really did get pushed to the back burned but I will do my very best to get it completed for you shortly! :)

Okay....back from the detour! 

I Love the Adhesive Backed Flowers that coordinate with the Frosted Collection....the pink is the perfect amount of POP! :)

And that KA-UUUUUTE little stamp set....I bet you didn't know it was only $2.95?!

And Here's how great the inside looks!Very Clean and simple! :)

Tune Back in tomorrow! I have another WAY Cute Frosted Card to will be something to 'CELEBRATE' literally! :) 

Blessings Friends, Sus

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