Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UNLIMITED $10 Stamp Sets!!

Yes...it's True! Just Crazy but TRUE! When you make any Purchase of $50 (Excluding Studio J and While Supplies Last) NOT ONLY can you purchase the December Stamp of the Month (below) for only $5 ($12.95 savings)....

You can purchase UNLIMITED "C" and "D" Stamp sets from the Annual Inspirations Idea Book for only $10! UNLIMITED! (Savings up to $7.95 PER STAMP SET) 

While this promotion runs concurrent with the Stamp of the Month (Love Double Dipping!) it is offered a bit differently in the manner that once you hit the initial $50 bracket the $10 Stamps are Unlimited! 

You can buy 2 for $20, 3 for $30, etc.! It truly is UNLIMITED! CRAZY! I don't recall Close to My Heart ever running a special quite as generous as this! 

I'm adding photos of the stamps available for only $10! 

Additionally Throughout December Close to My Heart is giving away The Annual Inspirations Idea Book (Aug 2014 - July 2015) as well as the Seasonal Expressions Idea Booklet (Dec 2014 - Mar 2015) with Each and Every order! Any Sized! 

I'm tellin' ya, It's CRAZY 'round here! 

Don't forget to check out all of my available workshop packages over on the right sidebar of my blog! What a perfect Christmas Gift they would be! Only the Simplest of supplies are needed to complete each of them (Paper Trimmer & Adhesive!) 

And Ohhhh My Goodness! Look what JUST came in?! 

Shop www.susanwilliams.ctmh.com to get ahold of any or all of these Fabulous Products and Promotions! :) 

Blessings, Sus 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Picture My Life' Cards in a Non-Traditional Way!

If you have not jumped on the 'Picture my Life' Bandwagon I encourage you to come aboard! 

It almost saddens me how long I waited but I am having a TOTAL Blast now! Did you know that the 3X4 cards fit PERFECTLY in our Display Tray ($19.95  #Z1750)?! 

They fit PERFECTLY! 

I am creating (6) of these for Christmas Gifts! I am having a BLAST with the 'Eclectic' look of these frames! I tried not to 'over think' it and I enjoyed grabbing bits and pieces of 'this and that' to give each one it's own character! 

As you can see there are metal shapes, sparkles, buttons, lots of shimmer trim, some bows, resin flowers, etc. etc. etc.! I love that is does not all match! Love it! 

I'm not very good at making the embellishment 'clusters' that are so trendy right  now but I did my best! *The cards are crooked because they are not adhered into the tray yet...:) 

This is Frame #1, Frame #2 is finished and will be posted soon. and Frame #3 is half way done...I'm FLYING through my hand crafted Christmas Gifts! 

If you have read my entire post please comment "I can't wait to try PML" on this post to be entered to win a random drawing for a stack of PML Cards! (contest running in conjunction with my FB post).  

And did you notice that we can now purchase all Picture my Life Kits 'A la Carte'?! YES! 

This means we can purchase the cards by themselves without the 12X12 cover page and memory protectors! This option makes projects like these (using PML in a non-trditional way) even more affordable!  Mix and Match Kits...make each project your own! Love it!! 

I know my family will LOVE these frames, I can hardly wait to see what the remaining 3 will look like! Be sure to check back to see them all! 

Of course, we can use the cards in the way intended! This is a 5 minute layout! (not kidding)...I just need to add some journaling! Whoot! 

Don't forget! This month, everyone placing any sized order will receive a copy of both the Annual Inspirations 2014-15 Idea Book as well as the Brand New Seasonal Expressions Idea Booklet! Both are FILLED with inspirational projects and tips! 

All $50 orders during December get you, not only the ability to purchase the Stamp of the month for only $5 but you also can purchase UNLIMITED "C" and "D" sized Stamp sets from the Annual Idea Book for only $10!! WOWZA! 


Thank you for joining me today! 
Blessings, Sus 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Deals Galore!

The Promotions in December just KEEP getting better! 

If you don't have your copy of either the Annual Inspirations Idea Book or the Seasonal Expressions Idea Booklet placing any sized order will get them BOTH to you FREE! :) 

Don't forget to take a peek at my Workshop packages (over on the right sidebar of my blog)...the supply lists are included in each post! 

Find my Shopping Website HERE

Happy Tuesday Peeps! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

'Studio Sus' Hopscotch Workshop with Cutting Guide!

I am SOOOO Excited to advertise this Workshop! I've worked like a Crazy person to have it ready by December 1st! 

Have you seen the BRAND NEW Close to My Heart Seasonal Expressions Idea Booklet?! It's Fabulous! Hopscotch is one of two paper collections featured in this 'LIMITED TIME' Booklet! 

Unlike our Annual Inspirations Idea Book this little booklet is only available Dec 1st, 2014 - Mar 31st, 2015 so be sure to place your order for your favorites as soon as TODAY! 

This Workshop package will create (4) 2-page 12" X 12" Layouts using the 'Hopscotch' Collection! In addition to the 4 layouts you can create (12) greeting cards just be adding card bases and your favorite stamp set! 

This is one of my most favorite Paper collections EVER! 

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3 

Layout #4 

Cards #1 (6)

 Cards #2 (6) 

Just like  my previous workshop packages, I will send the files and cutting guide via email to anyone ordering the workshop supplies (or any order of $25) from my CTMH Shopping website.  

I don't have a 'hard copy' of my Hopscotch Files yet...these are from my Confetti Wishes workshop - I just wanted you to see the format and professionalism of the files. 

As you can see, they are very detailed, professional, as well as colorful and easy to read. 

The entire set of files include; 
- Hopscotch Welcome Letter/Cover Sheet
- Hopscotch 13 page color cutting guide
- Hopscotch 'The Rest of the Story' 
(Photo suggestions, additional notes and tips to assist with workshop completion) 
- Hopscotch Layout #1, #2, #3, #4, and Cards #1, and #2
(detailed color photos of each of the completed layouts for assembly assistance) 

Close to My Heart Consultants purchasing this workshop with the intention of distributing my files to their own customers (benefiting their own business) will also receive; 

- CTMH Consultant Release Form
- CTMH Consultant Information
(Supply List, suggested coordinating 'up sell' items, etc.) 

CTMH Consultants may purchase the 'rights' to use my designs and files to support their own business simply by placing any $25 order on my CTMH Shopping website.  

CTMH Consultants outside the US are invited to EMAIL ME or MESSAGE ME via my Business Facebook Page to discuss purchase of these files. 

Customers purchasing the following from me (or any CTMH products of $25 or more) will receive the files via email upon my notification of their order. 

Hopscotch Workshop Supply List;
- Hopscotch Paper Pack X7194B $9.95
- Hopscotch Complements X7194C $4.95
- Flaxen Thick Twine Z3036 $3.95
- Small Flip Flaps Assortment Z1747 $3.95
- Gold Shimmer Trim Z1985 $4.95
- You will need (8) additional sheets of Colonial White Cardstock.  You can use from your stash or purchase our 24-sheet pack #1388 $9.50

In addition to the (4) 2-page layouts you can also create the (12) BONUS CARDS just by adding card bases and your favorite stamp set! 

- Use from your stash or purchase our (50) cards/Envelopes Value Pack #X1410 for $14.50
- Grab your favorite stamp set or purchase 'A Bunch of Thanks' C1603 $13.95 to create yours exactly like mine. 

Remember, joining my 'JUST CRAZY BLESSED' CTMH Team gets up access to my complete file library FOR FREE! I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to serve my team by offering pre-designed works and custom cutting guides to help support their own businesses! 

If you have never purchased my workshop packages before and you'd like to understand them better (and learn how they can benefit a hobby crafter OR a CTMH Consultant's own business) you are invited to watch the video below! 

* Note - April 27, 2015 * 
The Hopscotch Products are now Retired but I have several of these complete Kits in my personal inventory! 

Each Full  Kit is $40 (Plus Shipping).  The Kits contain the Hopscotch Paper Collection, Complements, Gold Shimmer Trim, Flaxen Twine, Small Flip Flaps, Extra required sheets of Colonial White Cardstock, and (12) Colonial White Card Bases & Envelopes.  

The Files will be Email to you upon notification of your order! Please be sure to add your email address in the 'notes to seller' when completing your payment. 

You can place your order directly through paypal at the bottom of this post! 

Thank you so much for joining me today! 

Order your Hopscotch Workshop Kit Here!