Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Such a Comical Experience...!

Last Friday I had another comical experience! As you may or may not know I live in a very rural town of under 1,000 people. I was born, raised, and we are currently raising our family in our Beloved little Osceola. 

When you walk into to the bank, the grocery store, or the convenience store they know you by name and often ask about your family or other things going on in your life.  Over the past couple of years as many of my fellow Osceola peeps have watched (via Facebook as well as my interaction with them personally) with the help of my CTMH mentors, team member, customers, family, and friends I have worked my tail off and reached some CRAZY AWESOME Accomplishments while being a part of Close to My Heart! 

While I suppose we don't really need the 'approval' of others to see our own personal successes it really does feel good to hear people tell you they are proud of how hard you are working. Over the past couple of years I've heard things like "So, our small town girl is making a splash, huh?" and "I Guess you're proving them wrong when they say Small Town girls can't get anywhere with direct selling!" It's a total Hoot to walk into the grocery store and hear someone in our community say that to me! 

Friday someone walked up to me and said "So, I heard you're going on another 'free' vacation, huh?" I said "I sure am!" (with a Big Smile) He then said with his nose turned up "So you really make money doin' that 'scrapbook playin' or whatever it is...they really PAY you, like 'real' money?!" Me again with a Big Smile "Yes, Sir they sure do!" Him again (with an eyebrow raised) "And just what does your Husband think about what you're doin'? I said "Well, I guess he likes it just fine! LOL Ask him how he enjoyed going to Hawaii a few months ago for 'free'! And ask him if he's looking forward to our 'free' Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in March while you're at it!" He grumbled and walked away. You could not wipe the Smile off my face! It's STILL Comical hearing other's disbelief! 

Friends, the fact of the matter is...

* You really CAN be successful no matter Where you live or how isolated you might feel due to your location. 

* You really CAN be successful WHILE you work your 'full time' job. 

* You really CAN put 'real' (still giggling) money into your pocket (none of that Monopoly Money the 'other companies are apparently giving out...still giggling) 

* You really CAN be successful while keeping up with your husband and young kiddos.

* You really CAN contribute a substantial amount to your family budget based on how hard you are willing to work. (I'm not  just talking about a 'dinner out' once a month, I'm talking about paying a mortgage or saving for your kiddo's college...I'm talking about a SUBSTANTIAL income that many times is higher than 'full time' income! You can even earn online! (Hello Pajamas?!) 

* You really CAN earn Incentive Trips paid for by Close to My Heart! (Yes, even small town girls CAN!) The Earning period for the 2017 Incentive trip to the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico All-Inclusive Resort Starts October 1st!!

* You really CAN experience all of this and so much more! 

You see, 'Back then' I thought I was purchasing a Box full of really Great Scrapbooking Supplies at a CRAZY AWESOME Discount.  What I actually purchased grew into a LIFE CHANGING Opportunity and it could happen to you too! 

If you've ever wanted to join me, NOW is the time! This (very) informal video was quickly filmed on my lunch break with my phone on the floor of my office (Hey, a girl's only got 24 hours in a day! LOL) So excuse the 'badly in need of a mani' hands and the exhaustion sound in my voice and CHECK OUT the box of CRAZY AWESOME Products! Whoop! 

You can Join Close to My Heart for a Box of Great Scrapbooking Supplies at a CRAZY AWESOME Discount OR you can join Close to My Heart for a Life Changing Experience...the choice is yours, you're a Winner Either way! :) 

Message me your questions, I am always happy to visit! You can contact me at any of the following avenues:

Facebook Business Page:  

Thank you so much much for joining me today, you are a Blessing to me! 

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