Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'll have my DREAM POP with a side of Buttercup, Please!

I am so IN LOVE with this new Dream Pop Paper! I've heard the concern over the "Pop Colors" and the fact that we do not have matching ink colors and embellishments within our core Close to my Heart product line.  

For me, personally, I am a Grey and Black lover...I think they can make any color stand out, so I wasn't worried in the least concerning the "Pop Colors", however many were.  I wondered which non-neutral colors I could use to match this gorgeous paper, surprisingly - BUTTERCUP was one that looked SO great!

I think it went so well with these bright colors, I was surprised as it was not one on my list to try.  I even used some of the Buttercup fabric from the Chantilly Textiles assortment!

And look at that darling pink pattern! It also looks great next to the brights in the Dream Pop, I think that's on my "project to-do list" coming up. :)

And who doesn't love some Glitter!? A sparkly layout just makes me smile! :) I trimmed my "LOVE YOUR FACE"  on my cricut with the help of the Cricut Craft Room to weld my letters. (If you are not using the CCR already let me tell you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! It is so easy and Totally Free!).  

I had some small ovals from the negative spaces of my cuts and didn't want to throw them away....I thought they added a  nice embellishment factor behind my buttons. :)

I did have a friend inquire how I created the smooth straight lines with my Bakers Twine....(it's not much of a secret that I am sewing-illiterate) so I cheated.  I just poked a hole in each of my 4 corners about half an inch from the outer edge, pulled my bakers twine snug and secured on the back with scotch tape.  Easy as can be and no stitching required. :) 

Thank you for letting me share another Dream Pop Project with you!  I created 12 of these over the weekend and I've already sold 9 of them! You can purchase your own pre-cut layout of this design by shopping in my Ebay Shop, by Emailing me directly, or by reserving via my 
Facebook Business Page.  (Shopping outside of Ebay will save you a bit due to my not having to pay all those yucky fees.)  :) :) 

Thank you for joining me Friends!
Blessings, Sus


  1. I love the extra glitter behind the buttons and the non-stitched twine - genius!

  2. Awww, Thank you so much Wendy!! :)