Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sarita Love!

Okay, I might be a Bit Addicted to this Collection! Sarita, Be still my Heart! 

This paper Kit has the BEST Colors Ever! It is so versatile! I've been seeing Halloween Layouts using this paper posted everywhere! Hum, Who would've thought?! :) 

For me, the Bright, Boldness of this kit just speaks my language! I love the Outdoor Denim & Lagoon pattern...flip that sheet over and WHOA! The Aztec-ish Damask is FANTASTIC! Love the Oranges, the Purple, the patterns...oh heck, I love it all! I've butchered up 4 full packs already just fiddling in my studio! 

Of course, you already know this is a total re-make of the Sarita Workshop on the Go! I just added a few of my Favorite things! :) 

I think of all of the Workshop on the Go Stamp sets I've had the joy of playing with thus far, this one outweighs them all! It is SUCH a fabulous set! Okay, and I might be a smidge obsessed with the Washi Tape stamp images in this set! In fact, I have designed a Fantastic (4) Layout Workshop using the Sartia Workshop on the Go Kit and one layout is focused totally on the Washi Tape Images!

The Sarita Workshop that I have put together will be available shortly...I'm in the works of finishing the custom cutting guide as well as a few other documents for you! Oh...did I mention you can place up to 58 Photos among these (4) layouts?! Yes, ma'am! That's what I said! I'm incorporating our Small Flip Flaps Assortment into these pages and they are Fabulous! I honestly can't wait to share this workshop with you! All of my customers placing a minimum qualifying order will receive each document via email for FREE! I am So Excited to share it with you, I can't hardly stand it!

How about that Burlap? The Burlap is MY FAVORITE Embellishment that Close to My Heart Carries at this time! I LOVE it! I do enjoy it in "ribbon" form but my favorite way to use it is to snip the seem on the edges and pull out the strands! They are perfect for threading buttons, tying, or wrapping around your page elements! :)

I tossed in a few of the Round Studs Durables just for good measure! :)

The stamped Images on this page are Just great for Scrapbooking in General...."In Love with Today!" Of course we are! Why else would we put our day down onto paper if we were not completely in love with it, right?! It's just a Perfect Sentiment all the way around! :)

And the Sarita Embellishment Assortment Collection.. ....Perfection! The Wooden Trinkets are just....well, I don't know what they are but I've gone through so many thus far! I also just adore the metal Flourishes that come in the assortment! Spot On CTMH!! Spot On!

I do hope you enjoyed today short post (I know I am SLACKING Big time with posting.....I will Try my best to kick that up a notch or two!) I wanted to show you how easily you can add your own touches to the already beautifully designed art from our Company! 

Stay Tuned for all of my upcoming Workshop Information!

Oh, and don't forget, I still have a few of the Sarita True-Fit Folio Workshop Kits left!  I talked about this workshop in THIS Blog Post! Click for more information! 

This workshop is exciting because we will focus on incorporating iterative elements into our layouts all the while keeping our photos safely under the page protectors! 

We are also talking about Close to My Heart True-Fit Folios! Have you ever noticed them in the Idea Book? Have you ever used them in your Scrapbooking routine? No? Well, this workshop is Perfect for you! 

Here is a photo of the layout with the Folio Closed.....

Here is a Photo with the Folio Open (Don't worry, I will show you exactly how to protect every square inch of your layout!)

Here is a Photo showing the Interactive Journaling Tags....

Please Join me! I am taking orders for this workshop right now! I have almost filled my quota....Please feel free to EMAIL ME to reserve yours! Or if you're a FACEBOOKER You are welcome to 'Like' My Business Page Here to reserve your kit! :)

Thank you for Joining me again, It Just BLESSES my Socks Off! :) Go, Be Wonderful Today! Sus


  1. Love them both! Love how you used the burlap on your new Sarita layout. Cool idea.

  2. Love your LOs! The colors are awesome. Looks like I'll be buying this kit:)