Friday, September 6, 2013

Thinking of You, My Friend!

I Love everything about this card! I came together in a SNAP! Okay, so I DID cheat! 

The truth is, It's Heavily inspired by the Card Pattern #22 from the New Make it from your heart Volume #2 Book. (This is a MUST HAVE!)

That Laughing Lola has my heart right now! They are all my FAVORITE colors! I'm a BRIGHT Color girl and I love Black with ANYTHING so this pack was right up my alley! 

One of my favorite parts about this kit is that fact that so many of the colors match our new Base & Bling Jewel Collections! (Squealing with Delight!) 

I used the Teal, Purple, & Pink Collections on this card! Here's a Better look at the collections. :)

I know these were created for our Wearable Crafts line but they are SO VERSATILE! I've been using them like crazy on so many of my papercrafting projects! I am ADORING the addition to our embellishment Assortments! :)

If you have followed me for any time at all you already know I can't leave the inside of a card bare...I just can't do it! :) This has just a little extra color inside to brighten a day! I Love it! 

National Stamping Month also brightens my day! If you didn't catch my earlier blog post (Here) you can see photos of all 3 stamp sets offered in this exclusive campaign! For EVERY $50 purchase (yes...purchase $100 and this offer is available to you twice, and so on...) you can get your hands on these limited-time stamp sets for only $10! (Big Smile) 

And......who doesn't love a little "double dipping"?! For only $5 more your purchase qualifies you to grab the September Stamp of the Month at a Fabulously Discounted Price! These (4) limited-time stamp sets can be yours for a savings of almost $60! Double Whoot!

I don't know about you but I'm knocking out some Christmas gifts this month! WHOOT! 

So Glad you joined me again today! 
I'll see you next time...with BELLS on! :) 
Blessings, Sus

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  1. Beautiful card! I like how you masked the frame on this sentiment.