Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3rd one's a CHARM!

Here's #3 in my Upcoming Sartia 4 Layout Workshop! :) 

Isn't this little Sweetpea the cutest?! This is my childhood best friend's daughter Crosslyn Raye. :) 

This workshop will be featuring the Small Flip Assortment! My favorite part about this layout is that it holds 13 Photos! WHOOT! Each of the 3X3 photos wells are using a 3X3 flip flap, which means you can 'house' a photo on the backside of the one shown as well as another underneath the 'flap'.  If you'd rather, either space can be used as journaling area instead of additional photos. :) 

I am SO EXCITED about this workshop! I've been working on the cutting diagram for what seems like FOREVER! It is coming along well juts taking a while.  I can't wait to offer it to you! 

Did you miss my previous posts on the other two layouts featured in this workshop? 


I LOVE THEM! I'll share the 4th Layout soon! It is Darling! 

Thanks for joining me for a short post!
Blessings Friends!

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