Thursday, March 27, 2014

'I Love You' with Ivy Lane

How Great are the Close to My Heart MINI Stamp sets?! I Looove them! And, really....who DOESN'T Love something with a price tag of $2.95?! :) 

I literally Tossed this card together in a couple minutes...not too shabby for QUICK-CUTE! 

It has several different embellishment lines....I used a little Shimmer trim (adhesive backed - Whoot!), the Hollyhock Zipper Lace Trim, A few pieces from the Black Base&Bling Assortment, and my MOST favorite Embellishment...the Heart! 

It's from the White Marquee Enamel Shapes assortment! They also have adhesive on the can use them as 'stand alone' or you can adhere them to your favorite paper, then trim around the outside. Instant CUTE! 

Not too shabby for a few minute time investment! :) 

I'm still pluggin' away for the following Campaigns....well, just because they are too good NOT to plug about them! ;) 

That's all for Today Kids! Happy Thursday!
Blessings, Sus

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Artbooking Magic with Pro Player!

I realized that this cute little mini Album never made it to my blog! So I wanted to share it today while giving my Workshop Posts a 'day off'! :) 

I created it using the Pre-Designed Travel Album keys on the CTMH Exclusive Artbooking Cricut Cartridge! (Be still my Heart!) 

It Just does all that 'Hard Work' for us! Everything is pre-proportioned for us, all of the elements cut to fit perfectly for the dial size you select! :)

I know you've heard me pluggin' away at it for the past week but I'll say it again.....Join my JUST CRAZY BLESSED CTMH Team in April and YOU can get the Artbooking Cricut Cartridge Bundle For FREE with your kit! 

With over $300 in products already in the New CTMH Consusltant kit it's already a great deal at only $99! BUT, throwing in a free Cricut Bundle for $99?! Unbelievable! 

It's NOT 'too good to be true'! Ask me how today! 

Blessings! Sus 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Starburst with Balloon Ride!

Yesterday I shared my first layout in my upcoming Balloon Ride Starburst Workshop...Today I want to share the second! :)

On This layout I created the Sunbursts solely out of the Glitter Paper! I really wish I could capture the Vibrant shine of the Glitter paper with my camera but after many tries I couldn't' make that happen. 

The Chipboard Complements were SO perfect for  a New Born Baby Boy layout...unfortunately my 'baby boy' photos are almost 11 years old now and already in albums. Vacation photos will just have to do. :) 

I am planning on having this workshop ready to go next week! I've been working like crazy to get it finished but each of the 3 layouts have their own starburst tutorial in addition to the cutting guides and the other files included so it's taking quite a bit longer than my previous workshops! 

Speaking of......Have you seen the other 2 workshops I'm offering right now? 

Click { HERE } to see my TIMBERLINE Post and find out how you can get your hands on it today! :) 

Click { HERE } to View the Ivy Lane  Post! :) 

My Workshops are available with e-files! The E-files are very professional and easy to follow! 

The Files contain documents such as; Color Cutting Guide (large print), Color Detail Photos of each of the completed layouts (for assembly assistance), Creation Tips, Suggested Photo sizes, etc. And of course, I'm here to help if you should run into any trouble creating the projects! 

If you would like to purchase the Ivy lane or the Timberline workshops but are still unsure how it works after reading the blog posts please feel free to email me at and I will be most happy to visit with you about how to get yours right away! 

Close to My Heart consultants, YOU are also able to purchase theses workshops to offer to your own customers (resulting in sales commissions back into your pockets)....Please feel free to Email me to learn more about the Consultant Release and how you can get your e-files today! :) 

And Don't forget!!! 

Thank you for joining me today Friends! 
Blessings, Sus 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Balloon Ride with a Little Starburst Action!

I've been working like CRAZY on these workshops! Have you seen my Timberline & Ivy Lane Workshops? They have been so successful thus far and I'm SO Thankful for all of you who have purchased from me! 

Up next is BALLOON RIDE! I will show you how to create these GREAT SUNBURSTS on your projects..and remember, you'll have the files so you can use your other favorite papers to re-create them again and again! 

This is just the first of (3) Layouts included in this workshop! Tune back tomorrow for Layout #2! 

And don't forget about March 'Mystery' Madness! 

April is also going to bring about some CRAZY SAVINGS! How about over $400 worth of CTMH product (including a Cricut Cartridge Collection) for only $99?! Whoot! 

Did you also know that all of my Team Members get my Workshop Files for Free? Yup! Just another way I'll go to great lengths to help you and your business GROW! :) 

Ask me How TODAY! :) 

Blessings, Sus 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

IVY LANE has arrived!

I have spent SO MANY hours on this workshop! I just Love it and I hope you do too! :) 

My Ivy Lane Workshop will create (4) Layouts using the Ivy Lane Level 2 Paper Collection, Ivy Lane Assortment, Ivy Lane Complements, Silver Shimmer Trim, and (8) pieces of White Daisy Cardstock for your Base Pages! 

I have, once again, created e-files for this workshop! You will receive the Files via e-mail so you can print them but also be able to save them to your computer to use at a later date - even with alternate paper collections! 

The Files I've created include a 13-page cutting guide, 4 pages of detailed color photos of each of the Completed Layouts (for assembly Assistance), Ivy Lane 'The rest of the story' (additional information and tips to assist you with creating this specific workshop), as well as a few other files (cover sheet, welcome letter, etc. 

*Close to My Heart Consultants ordering the files will also receive; 'Close to My Heart Consultant Information' (CTMH supply list, suggested coordinating Products, CTMH Consultant Manual Information) and 'Close to My Heart Consultant Release'.

I've been working quickly to get this workshop ready to go in time for Spring! Here are a Few photos of the Layouts! 

If You would love to Create this workshop yourself - it's Easy as can be! Simply purchase the items on the Supply list from my Close to My Heart Shopping Website!  

Items needed to create this workshop are; 
Ivy Lane Level 2 Paper Packet X7178B - $9.95
Ivy Lane Complements X7178C - $4.95
Ivy Lane Assortment Z3001 - $5.95
Silver Shimmer Trim Z1799 - $4.95
(8) pieces of White Daisy Cardstock 1385 - $9.50 (24 sheets) 
* You may already have White Cardstock in your stash, no need to re-order if you have enough already. :) 

Once you have placed your order CTMH wil notify me with an email confirmation.  I will automatically email you all of the files the very minute I get back to my computer! 
* Daytime Monday - Friday, typical sending is only a few minutes, Evenings and weekends occasionally take longer as I am often not online for extended periods of time. :)

So, I invite you to place your order as soon as possible so that I can get your files sent and you can begin the minute you receive your products! 

I have had a Great Response to this workshop! I am SO BLESSED! Thank you all who have already ordered! 

Close to My Heart consultants wishing to use these designs and e-file to host a workshop for your own customers (resulting in sales commissions back into your pocket) - Please email me HERE for information on the Consultant Release today! 
*If you should have any trouble sending an email to me please feel free to comment on this post with your information and I'll be happy to get in touch with you right away! :)

And DON'T FORGET! My Team members have FULL ACCESS to my workshop files for FREE! 

Have YOU ever considered joining Close to My Heart? If you have, April is the PERFECT time to do it! 

Yes, you read that right! It's almost too good to be true but I assure you it isn't! You can join my JUSTCRAZYBLESSED Close to My Heart Team for only $99! You will receive a New Consultant Kit Jam Packed with over $300 worth of Trendy New Product PLUS your Choice of one of our (3) Exclusive Cricut Cartridge Bundles (worth $99) for FREE! Whoot! (You also have the ability to earn back the $99 cash you paid for your Kit just by hitting a 3-month sales goal!)  

That's over $400 worth of Brand New CTMH product for only $99 with NO OBLIGATION from this point forward! Joining in April gets you guaranteed Consultant membership (without selling a thing) until September 30, 2014 where you will receive all of your Close to my Heart Product purchases at a Discount, be the first to know about exclusive promotions and consultant perks, and join a FAMILY of tens of thousands of Consultants spread all over the world!.  

During that time period CTMH will unveil a Brand New Idea Book (sure to leave you speechless). You will never be hounded, you will never be pressured to sell,  However, I assure you...these products are Fabulous and you will fall in love quickly! You will want to share these products and opportunities with each of your friends - making your excitement might just be surprised at how quickly you could grow your very own business and what a nice income you could make while HAVING FUN! :) 

It would Thrill me to visit with you about this opportunity...don't delay - Just Ask! It really will be my pleasure to talk with you about it to see if Close to My Heart would be a good fit for you! 

Workshops like my Ivy Lane and Timberline (HERE) can be a Great Business tool for you to create with! It's my Joy to share with my team members and watch their business grow!

Also, don't forget my MARCH 'MYSTERY' MADNESS special! 

Just a $75 order from my WEBSITE will get you a 'Mystery' Package of New CTMH products automatically mailed right to your door! :) 

Thank you for joining me again! 
I am SO BLESSED! - Sus