Thursday, March 27, 2014

'I Love You' with Ivy Lane

How Great are the Close to My Heart MINI Stamp sets?! I Looove them! And, really....who DOESN'T Love something with a price tag of $2.95?! :) 

I literally Tossed this card together in a couple minutes...not too shabby for QUICK-CUTE! 

It has several different embellishment lines....I used a little Shimmer trim (adhesive backed - Whoot!), the Hollyhock Zipper Lace Trim, A few pieces from the Black Base&Bling Assortment, and my MOST favorite Embellishment...the Heart! 

It's from the White Marquee Enamel Shapes assortment! They also have adhesive on the can use them as 'stand alone' or you can adhere them to your favorite paper, then trim around the outside. Instant CUTE! 

Not too shabby for a few minute time investment! :) 

I'm still pluggin' away for the following Campaigns....well, just because they are too good NOT to plug about them! ;) 

That's all for Today Kids! Happy Thursday!
Blessings, Sus

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