Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ruffled Textiles Tutorial

Yesterday I shared this layout with you

Today I'd like to walk you through how I created the ruffled textile pieces. 

Let's get to it, Shall we?! :) 
Similar to the Ruffled Ribbon I created (tutorial here) last week, I started with cardstock bases in the length I needed for the textiles.  

My pieces for this project measured 1.75" X 4.5" and 1.75" X 2.5" 

 Since my bases were 1.75" wide I cut my textile strip 2.5" wide to give adequate room to hem the edges. 

Close to my Heart Textiles are about 14" wide so my piece ended up being 2.5" X 14" 

I'm not a great big fan of lugging stuff around and one night I had a lightbulb turn on inside my head...instead of dragging my iron and board into my studio I grabbed my flat iron! Whoot! :) Yes, I really am using a $100 flat iron for a scrapbook page....(my husband would just shake his head!)

It really works like a charm! And PORTABLE! With just a couple passes you are wrinkle free! 

Now that you have a nice flat piece to work with turn it over to the backside.  Using your ruler and  Chalk Marker measure and draw a line .25" from the top and bottom "rough edges".  This step is not necessary but it helps in getting a straight edge when you are creating your "faux hem".

Run adhesive, (like tombow) on the outside edges of your chalk line.

After your adhesive is applied begin folding over the rough edges to create a nice faux hemmed edge. 

Once again, break out ole trusty flat iron and give the hems a great crisp! Holy Smokes, wasn't that easier than dragging your iron around?! :)

Now you should have a piece of hemmed fabric approximately 2" X 14".  You will need to cut it into two separate pieces, one 9" X 2" and the other 5" X 2"

Now add a bit of adhesive to the first end of your fabric.

Adhere one of your bases to the end of your fabric as shown. 

Place a bit of adhesive on the outer edges near the end and fold in the fabric that extends past your base.

Next, cover the entire cardstock base with adhesive, be generous.

Begin ruffling your fabric onto the sticky base, it does not need to be perfect, just make sure you do have enough to reach the other end.  If you goof, just peel it up and start over. :)

After you've ruffled to the opposite end, flip your base over and trim off any excess, then run a strip of adhesive on the backside and adhere the fabric ends to it.

I topped my ruffle with some Black Glitter Paper and a zip strip from the Dream Pop Paper collection.  My glitter paper pieces measured 5.5" X .75" and 3.5" X .75", my zip strips were also 5.5" and 3.5" in length.

Apply liquid glass onto the backsides of the glitter paper and adhere it to the fabric, press firmly. 

Fold the ends to the underneath side of the ruffled base. Not pretty, good thing we'll never see it. :)

Since I was generous with the Liquid Glass I placed my pieces onto a small scrap of a transparency sheet (hard to see in the photo), this way any glue that seeps out won't accidentally glue my pieces to something they aren't supposed to be glued to. :)

Now SMASH them! :) Toss something heavy on top of your pieces and leave them a while.  Five Close to my Heart Idea books work perfectly! :) 

Thank you for joining me friends, I do hope that if you are not already using Close to My Heart's Textiles in your artwork then I've encouraged you to try them! It's really easier than it looks! :)

Feel free to share my tutorial on your Facebook pages, Blog posts, or on Pinterest! :) 

If you loved the Kit pictured today, it is available for purchase in my Ebay Shop or by emailing me directly. :) 

Blessings, Sus


  1. Wow! You have gotten down this blogging thing pretty quickly! =D Love the blog design and this tutorial ROCKS!!!

  2. Thank you Pam!!! That means so much coming from you!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks