Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US!

Today marks a momentous occasion in our home, our 14th Wedding anniversary!

We were, as they call it, High School Sweethearts and never had a previous relationship with anyone else.  Many said it would never last.  

We actually enjoy telling the story....January 27, 1997, After crushing miserably after him for a year and a half he suddenly came  up to me one day while walking down the hallway at school, put his arm around me, and asked if I'd go out with him.  Of course it presented a problem right away....I was only 15 years old and the family rule was no dating until 16.  So what does a girl do? I said "I have to ask my mom!" (um...crawling under a rock right about now!) LOL  But girls, it is reassurance that all is not lost when you make a fool of yourself! After getting permission we went to a school dance together and the rest is history.  

He is my very Best Friend! We were married in a church right here in our home town 3.5 years later. :) Every member of our immediate family (and our Best Buds) are in this photo with the exception of our mothers.

Standing on a neighbor's bluff during Dad's Annual 
Trail ride - October 2004 

Sister-in-law's Birthday Celebration - April 2010

Church Christmas Program - December 2012

In July 2003 our little boy made his entrance, he is so special to us....we Love our Codybear! :)

Riding on a Spring Day with Mom after playing in the 
dirt on Daddy's Job site.  May - 2008

Playday at the Arena with Daddy.  June - 2008
Don't you love the "Cowboy Sun visor"? LOL

Visiting the "Real" Thomas the Tank Engine in 
Baldwin City, KS.  June - 2010

Cody and Mom just being silly.   Mar - 2013

A Quick picture at the Grandparents 
Christmas Dinner. Dec - 2011

Thank you for allowing me to share this little peek into our family life, if you hang with me in the future you'll see similar posts often...I truly love my family! 

Marriage is HARD work but it is the most rewarding "work" I've ever experienced.  We see so many broken homes now days, I believe a strong marriage is the VERY BEST gift we will ever be able to give our son!

Blessings Friends,


  1. :) :) What a great family!! :) Happy Anniversary to YOUS!! :) :)

  2. I was 15 when I met my guy, and he was 17. We were paired up in my cousin's wedding. She married his brother. It was love at first sight for me and I waited patiently for the day he would truly notice me. It took 3 years but we've been together 18 years now, and he is my one and only, too. We have 5 children together, of which 3 are in Heaven, but our love is stronger now than ever before. Bless you and your family. Hope you have many more wonderful years together. :)

  3. Cassandra, I absolutely love that story!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! It just makes my day!! I, too, hope you have many more wonderful years together! :)

  4. Jules, I am just thrilled that you read my blog! Your comments always brighten my day! Oh, another note....I had 2 very random people tell me how great my face looked....I told them it was thanks to your great BEAUTY CONTROL products! I might need to have some books or business cards on hand! LOL Love you!

  5. Happy anniversary, and many more! What a nice story!

  6. Thank you so much Laura, that means so much to me!! :)