Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eating my words....!

Often I pride myself on the fact that I am not too proud to say "I'm sorry" or admit when I'm wrong....I think Humility is one of the greatest traits a person can carry and I TRY to keep myself in check...however some days I get a little too, how should I say it, Snotty? Standoffish? A little to Big for my Brithes! Okay, I'm not really sure what you'd call it but just go with me here....

Rewind to June! Close to My Heart Convention 2013 in Orlando Florida....(drum roll please) our Corporate staff are unveiling the Brand Spankin' New Products to us! The announcement is made introducing the new CTMH 'MY CRUSH' Line...Let me tell ya, I had myself a little hissy fit! You never have seen a bigger whiner that morning! "WHO would buy those?!" "That isn't REAL Scrapbooking!" "I'd never spend MY money on that!" I whined and whined about how we have less "Real" paper packs and got these "books" instead! ARGH! 

Okay, I'm not normally a whiner so this was a Big deal in "Sus World".  Fast Forward to last week...I needed a couple 'odds & ends' goodies for some kits I had in the works (New Kits coming soon! WHOOT!) so I placed an order on my CTMH website and I was not to the $50 mark yet....this month you HAVE to hit the $50 mark for the FREE AUGUST STAMP OF THE MONTH! I already have a few of them but...HELLO!!!...Christmas Shopping EARLY! (YES!) So, reluctantly I added the My Crush Assortments! I thought if they were as unappealing as I was afraid of I'd consider them more Christmas Presents for my nieces! 

Today My Beloved Fed Ex Man brought my box, I opened it "Oh, I forgot THOSE were in this order!" (Lots of orders coming, I lose track of what is coming WHEN)  I pulled them out...Um....HOLY CRUSHBOOK! OH.MY.GOODNESS! GIRLS.....these things are ADORABLE! How could I have not at least given them a chance....I spent my energy whining about how awful they would be before I even had my hands on them...the Humility has kicked in! Why do I doubt the Fabulousness (That is a "Sus" Word!) of Close to My Heart?! Oh My word, was I ever wrong! Prepare yourself now to be hearing me sing the praises of CRUSH BOOKS now and in the future! 

Did I warn you this post was going to be ridiculously LONG? Oops! :) Long might be an understatement! :) 

 Let me introduce you to MY CRUSH MODVILLE! A-stinkin'-dorable! 

Grab your New Idea Book and turn to page 64! What do you mean you don't have one? For the Love of Pete send me an Email and I'll get you one in the mail right away! :) 

Close to my Heart has two different collections that can be mixed and matched if you choose...Today I'm sharing pictures of the MODVILLE Collection, I'll share the BLUEBIRD Collection soon! 

Each CRUSHBOOK comes spiral bound with a hard cover, Moodville has a Super Darling Smoothie/Slate colored chevron cover.  Inside you will find (60) 10" X 7" printed cardstock-weight designed pages! SIXTY! These aren't your little sized journals...These are 2" shorter than your 12X12 scrapbook pages! They are such a perfect size! I'm sharing only a few of the printed pages......:) 


Now, these are only a few of the pages featured in this Crush Journal Extraordinaire! Can you believe you can get this Hard Cover, Sprial Bound 60 page book for only $12.95? Isn't it Crazy! 

Now the Fun part is you can add on either of the My Crush Modville Assortment Collections to compliment your pages! Each Collection is only $4.95! Again...WOW! Not necessary but a nice little addition to the pages! Each assortment comes with (16) Journaling Spots, (4) 4"X4" My Stickease Sheets, (2) 4"X4" Alphabet Sticker sheets, and (4) 2"X2" Envelopes.  Again...only $4.95! (Big Smile!) 




What a Darling Gift these would be especially for young girls or Teens! How many times does your daughter come home and tell you she has been invited to a Birthday party this coming weekend? Maybe she didn't give you much notice because she "Forgot" to tell you sooner? For under $20 you can have a SUPER TRENDY Birthday gift sitting in your closet for her to give! 

Secret Sister Gifts or how about a Non-traditional Baby book? These Books are specially designed to be quick and easy to put together! Required tools are a glue stick (or other adhesive) and an ink pen or markers! TA-DA! Okay, seriously I know I'm being obnoxious about these books but my goodness, they are so fabulous! 

Use them alone, with the collections featured in the Idea Book, or go a step further and break out your stash of traditional scrapbooking supplies! We have Perfect Stamp sets to go with this type of memory keeping! And our embellishment selection is second to none! Grab your left over Shimmer trim, washi Tape, My stickease, bakers twine, adhesive backed gems and sparkles! And!! You know how you find yourself creating with your cricut and you have extra pieces or you've sized something wrong so you end up with these left over shapes and titles sitting around and you aren't quite sure what to do with them...? LIGHT BULB! Toss those small pieces into a container and when you are putting together your crush pages you have an assortment of cardstock embellishments ready to go! WHOOT! Okay, I know I have FAR PASSED the Obnoxious Limit for today but I am just already in love with these books and they haven't' even made their way into my studio yet! :) I am such a Thrifty girl that these really have caught my eye due to the amount of product we are receiving for the price we are paying! and WHO doesn't love that?! :)

I have a very non-traditional idea for these books, I'm actually starting on it the minute I get home this evening....! I will be sharing as soon as I'm finished, although it may take me a few weeks! But You will be able to duplicate it easily...I'm putting ALOT of faith in myself...LOL!  

I do have lots more artwork to share with you girls, I just had to interrupt the scheduled broadcasting to bring you CRUSH BOOKS! :)  

Thanks for joining me today and listening to me yammer on and on! :) In all seriousness I do hope I can at least make you giggle a need in taking life too serious! That might be the most important thing I've ever learned from my Husband! :) He won't read this but just a shout out to him! He turns 34 today! This is his 17th birthday we've celebrated together....Love that man, he is proof that God Loves me! I thank him everyday for giving me my husband! :) 

Blessings, Sus 


  1. Oh great...thanks for showing the Modville book. I have the Bluebird one, but now I'm going to have to get the Modville as well! :-) I loved these the moment I saw them in the book - hated having to wait to order them until they became available! I'm bringing mine on the cruise we're going on in November - how fun!

  2. DAMN! DAMN! you sold me - I was skeptical and now I am ordering it.
    over 50 and yes I still like to doodle and make notes :)